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The Grand Prize of the Festival Was Dedicated to the Victims of Kermanshah earthquake
Darryl Els, The Director of South Africa
Gianfranco Rosi: There Way No Way I’d Say No to Iran
Cinema Verite International Film Festival and Tabriz 2018
Cinema Verite International Film Festival and Tabriz 2018
Victor Forniés Visit Travels to Tehran with A Father
Tabatabaei-Nejad: Our Approach is to Promote Iranian Documentaries and the Presence of Our Productions in the International Film Festivals
The twelve-year-old story of an old lady narrated by Vatandoust
The Director of ARTE TV Network Hosts Creative Documentary Coproduction Workshop in Cinema Verite
Special Place for Anthropology Documentaries in Cinema Verite
The Program Director of Cinéma Du Réel in Cinema Verite
Truths Detectives Come to Cinema Verite
Sugar Palace in Cinema Verite
Board Member of Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival in Cinema Verite
From ISIS Wives to A Female War Commander
Matthieu Darras, the French Film Critic, is going to be a Jury Member of Cinema Verite
The First Documentary on Plasco Fire at Cinema Verite
Lady Qods of Iran, The Opening Screening of the Cinema Verite