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There are few places on Earth where humans suffered more hardship and coped with an extremely hostile environment than here. A lot has changed and a lot of modern comforts became part of the everyday life. But the cultural roots are still deep and strong and the hunter is the pillar of society in these areas.    Filmography: The Last Ice Hunters.   ]]> Anthropology Docs Sun, 05 Nov 2017 12:28:41 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2701/the-last-ice-hunters Small people. Big Trees http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2700/small-people-big-trees Director: Vadim Vitovtsev Screenplay: Vadim Vitovtsev Cinematographer:  Alexandr Kiper, Vyacheslav Krasakov, Michail Gudakov Editor: Dmitry Gaenko Producer:  Olga Michi  Distribution/Sales: Festagent, rusakovich@festagent.com   Synopsis:  The Central African Republic. Here in the shade of sub-panel rainforests lives a tribe of the shortest people on Earth — the Baka pygmies. As it was hundreds of years ago they hunt for meat and gather gifts of big trees. They pray to the spirits of the forest and teach their children to respect the forest, to take from it only what is of great need. But little by little their traditional mode is changing under the pressure of the "Big World" culture.   Filmography: Born in 1981, in the Strugi Krasnie village. At seven he moved to Gorniy Altai with his parents. In 1998 entered Tomsk State University, the philosophy department, and later the department of liberal arts and social studies in the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (Moscow). In 2007 he studied at the courses of producing at the department of cinema producing, TV and multimedia in the Institute of Television and Radio broadcasting n.a. M.A. Litovchin (Mocow). In 2008 start working at the television. Several years later he began making documentaries and TV programs.   Festivals and Awards: Hot Spring Documentary Film Festival,Best Environmental Film Eco Film Festival,2016 Art Doc Fest 2016 Golden Tree Film Festival,2017 American Documentary Film Festival   ]]> Anthropology Docs Sun, 05 Nov 2017 12:27:25 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2700/small-people-big-trees SENT AWAY BOYS http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2699/sent-away-boys Director: HARJANT GILL Screenplay: HARJANT GILL Cinematographer:  SONALI UDAYBABU, PEARL SANDHU Editor: HARJANT GILL Producer:  RAJIV MEHROTRA   Distribution/Sales: Public Service Broadcasting Trust anjuli@psbt.org    Synopsis:  What happens to families in the absence of sons? What happens to land in the absence of farmers? What happens to communities in the absence of men? Sent Away Boys weaves together testaments of individual ambitions and family biographies from Punjab, India to chronicle the gradual transformation of agrarian landscape and patriarchal traditions through ongoing transnational migration.   Filmography: Roots of Love  Mardistan   Festivals and Awards: RAI film festival,2017 South Asian International Documentary Festival        ]]> Anthropology Docs Sun, 05 Nov 2017 12:26:19 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2699/sent-away-boys SAFFRON – THE SEARCH FOR THE RED GOLD http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2698/saffron-the-search-for-red-gold Director: Andreas Ewels Screenplay: Andreas Ewels Cinematographer:  Aris Bibudis Producer:  ZDF Distribution/Sales: ZDF, Ewels.A@zdf.de   Synopsis:  Mysterious and valuable: Saffron. No plant is more valuable on the international market.  The Crocus sativus, commonly known as saffron crocus, or autumn crocus, is a species of flowering plant of the Crocus genus in the Iridaceae family. It is best known for the spice saffron, which is produced from parts of the flowers. Human cultivation of saffron crocus and use of saffron is known to have taken place for more than 3,500 years and spans different cultures, continents, and civilizations.    Filmography: Andreas Ewels is a director and author born 1969 in the German town of Muenster. 25 years ago he started filmmaking and until today he is traveling and filming all around the globe. Since 2001 he works for the ZDF, a German public-service television broadcaster based in Mainz. Until today he filmed over 200 long documentaries in over 100 countries. Most of his films deal with wildlife, wonderful countries, people and nature. For his work, he has received numerous international awards and honors.     ]]> Anthropology Docs Sun, 05 Nov 2017 12:24:36 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2698/saffron-the-search-for-red-gold RUMBLE The Indians Who Rocked the World http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2697/rumble-the-indians-who-rocked-the-world Director: Catherine Bainbridge & Alfonso Maiorana Screenplay: Catherine Bainbridge & Alfonso Maiorana Cinematographer:  Alfonso Maiorana Editor: Jeremiah Hayes, Ben Duffield Producer:  Christina Fon, Lisa M. Roth, Catherine Bainbridge, Linda Ludwick Distribution/Sales: Films Transit, john@filmstransit.com   Synopsis: RUMBLE will tell the story of a profound, essential, and, until now, missing chapter in the history of American music: the Indigenous influence. Featuring music icons Charley Patton, Mildred Bailey, Link Wray, Jimi Hendrix, Jesse Ed Davis, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Robbie Robertson, Randy Castillo, and others, RUMBLE will show how these talented Native musicians helped shape the soundtracks of our lives.   Filmography: Director BiographiesCatherine Bainbridge, Director/Writer/Executive Producer/Producer, on Rumble, and Cofounder of Rezolution Pictures and Minority Media. She has brought her signature enthusiasm and passion for storytelling to countless documentary, drama, comedy, and interactive media projects, notably the Peabody award-winning documentary Reel Injun, about Native stereotypes in Hollywood films. Her role as Director on Rumble encapsulates her love and devotion to music, history, politics, and bringing important Indigenous stories to the mainstream. Alfonso Maiorana is Co-director and Director of Photography on Rumble. Based in Montreal, Alfonso's DP experience on Hollywood films, Independent features, MOWs, and television series brings a distinctive look and feel to the films he shoots. His directing credits include The Big World which premiered at the Montreal International Film festival. Passionate about music history and inspired by filmmakers like Jarmusch, Truffaut and Coppola, Alfonso's combination of visual style and storytelling come together in Rumble.   Festivals and Awards: Sundance Film Festival 2017 (World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award for Masterful Storytelling) Hot Docs 2017,Best Canadian documentary, Audience Award       ]]> Anthropology Docs Sun, 05 Nov 2017 12:22:44 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2697/rumble-the-indians-who-rocked-the-world Come Back Free http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2696/come-back-free Director: Ksenia Okhapkina Screenplay: Ksenia Okhapkina Cinematographer:  Vitaly Afanasiev, Maksim Drozdov Editor: Mirjam Jegorov, Ksenia Okhapkina Producer:  Riho Västrik for Vesilind OU Distribution/Sales: Antipode   Synopsis: A poetic documentary about life in a war‑torn Chechen village, with the cemetery as its symbolic focal point. The village lives and breathes in unison. The Chechen gravediggers are always busy. Death is an everyday visitor. It does not even matter that yet another war has ended. The people live stuck in a circle of vengeance. They also gather into circles to chant prayers to God. Only the cows are grazing calmly next to the cemetery and the children are happily going about their business. The Chechens’ parting words to one another are, “May you come back free!”   Filmography:  Festivals and Awards: International Jury Special Mention Religion Today FF 2017 Jury special prize Mid-Length Сompetition IDFA 2016 ]]> Anthropology Docs Sun, 05 Nov 2017 12:18:33 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2696/come-back-free All That Passes By Through a Window That Doesn’t Open http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2695/all-that-passes-by-through-a-window-doesn-t-open Director: Martin DiCicco Screenplay: Martin DiCicco Cinematographer: Martin DiCicco Editor: IVA RADIVOJEVIC Producer: Martin DiCicco Distribution/Sales: martin@allthatpassesby.com                                                                                              Synopsis: Amid the attempt to revive a ‘new Silk Road’ between Europe and Asia, Azerbaijani men labour to build a new railroad that promises to bring glory to a new generation. Across closed borders in Armenia, a lonely stationmaster sits idle in suspended time, waiting for 25 years for the return of trains. A journey by rail, where men reflect upon desire and regret, floating through a Eurasian expanse, striving to fill their days and dreams, as much as their pockets.   Filmography: UNDRAFTED, PICKET LINE for Field of Vision’s #Our100Days series.    Festivals and Awards: DOKUBAKU ANTENNA CAMDEN BERTHA DOCHOUSE DOKUFEST CINÉDOC HOTDOCS   ]]> Anthropology Docs Sun, 05 Nov 2017 12:14:17 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2695/all-that-passes-by-through-a-window-doesn-t-open A Hole in the Head http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2694/a-hole-in-the-head Director: Robert Kirchhoff Screenplay: Robert Kirchhoff Cinematographer: Juraj Chlpík, Karel Slach  Editor: Jan Daňhel Producer: Robert Kirchhoff, atelier.doc Distribution/Sales: HITCHHIKER CINEMA, S.R.O.     Synopsis:  Little is known about the tragedy of the Roma during World War II. They were murdered by the dozens, hundreds and thousands; in concentration camps, at the edges of mass graves and roadsides.  A few survived and keep their memory and scars as proof. In a world where fascism is once again prevalent, they are one of the last living witnesses to the Holocaust.  Raymond Gurême, a 91-year-old French ‘Manouche’ with an extraordinary will to survive, who escaped from concentration camps a total of three times, is one of them.   Filmography: Merry Christmas (1996), Recollection (1997), Losses and Returns (1998), Flowers of Evil (2003), Glamour and Misery (2005), Duch v stroji/ Slovak Cinema:(2002), Ghost in the Machine, (2010), Kauza Cervanová/ Normalization (2013), Steam on the River / Para nad riekou, (2015)   Festivals and Awards: World Premiere - Jihlava IDFF 2016, Int. Premiere – DOK Leipzig 2016; Trieste Film Festival 2017     ]]> Anthropology Docs Sun, 05 Nov 2017 12:12:42 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2694/a-hole-in-the-head