Wana - Latest News International Juries :: Full Edition http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/Eleven_Festival/toolbar_menu/International_Jurise Fri, 28 Feb 2020 13:10:59 GMT /skins/default/en/normal/ch01_newsfeed_logo.gif Produced by Cinema Verite http://www.irandocfest.ir/ 100 70 en Copyright© Irandocfest.ir, all rights reserved Fri, 28 Feb 2020 13:10:59 GMT International Juries 60 Sam Kalantari, Iran http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/3020/sam-kalantari-iran Sam Kalantari was born in 1976 in Tehran is of the forth generation of documentary filmmakers in Iran. He started professional photography and taking extracurricular filmmaking classes as he entered university to study Civil Engineering. He has held photography and video art exhibitions in Iran and Dubai from 2011 to 2016. Among his exhibitions are "Bodies", "Katalpsy", "Cocoon" (Group), "A Piece of Life"(Group), and "Soil Smiles" in Tehran and "Dubai Impress Gallery". Sam Kalantari put emphasis on making documentaries when he established "Andishe Cinematic Institute". Among his documentaries are "Idle Desire" winner of best short film in Uruguay Children Film Festival, "From Home No 37" with domestic and international achievements, and "Mannequins of Ghale Hasan Khan" participating in more than 15 international festivals such as Vision Du Reel (Swiss) and winner of best documentary directing from 8th House of Cinema Awards. "Mannequins of Ghale Hasan Khan" also won the best cinematography, editing, and sound mixing from that awards ceremony. It also won the prize for best documentary film in "Urban Film Festival". Kalantari was the first principal inspector of the Iranian Film Cinema Producers Association and then became a board member of this association. In 2017, he was appointed as the director of the 9th Independent Iranian Documentary awards. Making dozens of documentary and promotional films and judging in House of Cinema Awards (7th and 8th editions) are among other activities of this filmmaker. Nomination for Crystal Simorgh of best research and writing for the film "Memories for All Seasons" from the 33rd Fajr International Film Festival and nomination for best research from the 7th Iran International Documentary Film Festival "Cinéma vérité" are the results of his efforts.   ]]> International Juries Wed, 06 Dec 2017 12:03:29 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/3020/sam-kalantari-iran Pimpaka Towira, Thailand http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/3019/pimpaka-towira-thailand Pimpaka Towira is a pioneer among female film directors in the Thai independent film scene since the early 1990s. Since 1988, she has made a number of experimental short films, mostly depicting women’s issues, including Mae Nak (1997), which won the Special Jury Prize at the Image Forum Festival in 1998. Her debut feature, One Night Husband, premiered at the 2003 International Forum of New Cinema at the Berlin International Film Festival. In 2010, her short film My Father won the Special Jury Award at International Film Festival of Asia-Pacific countries in Vladivostok, after which she made three acclaimed shorts, Terribly Happy (2010), Mother (2012) and Prelude to the General (2016), with the latter in competition in the Silver Screen Awards at the 27th Singapore International Film Festival and also won the Jury Prize in the Hong Kong International Film Festival Short Film Competition in 2016. Her second feature, The Island Funeral (2015), won the Best Asian Future Film Award at Tokyo International Film Festival 2015, FIPRESCI Award at the Hong Kong International Film Festival 2016, Silver Hanoman Award at Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2016, and Best Cinematography at the Shanghai International Film Festival 2016. Her commitment to cinema has seen her work as a producer for emerging filmmakers, a film critic with The Nation, a video artist and a film lecturer in fields including film history, production, curation, and exhibition. She has worked on video art collaborations such as Ramakien: A Rock Opera at the Lincoln Center Performing Arts in New York (2006) and Black Air at the Rotterdam International Film Festival 2008. She was previously Programme Director for the Bangkok International Film Festival in 2001, 2008 and 2009 and most recently, Programme Director for the Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival in 2015 to 2017. Since 2017, she has been the Program Director for Singapore International Film Festival. Pimpaka has been invited as a jury member at many film festivals such as the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Yamagata Documentary Film Festival, and Hong Kong International Film Festival. Finally, for her overall contributions to Thai cinema, she was honored with the national Silpathorn Award in 2009 by the Ministry of Culture of Thailand. ]]> International Juries Wed, 06 Dec 2017 12:00:28 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/3019/pimpaka-towira-thailand Matthieu Darras, France http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/3018/matthieu-darras-france Matthieu Darras is artistic director of the TorinoFilmLab, and collaborates with various film talents initiatives such as Venice Biennale College or When East Meets West’s First Cut Lab. He founded & directed the European Network of Young Cinema NISI MASA and wrote for the film magazine Positif. He has been working as a curator for various film festivals, notably for Cannes’ Semaine de la Critique. He is delegate in charge of Eastern Europe for San Sebastian Film Festival.   ]]> International Juries Wed, 06 Dec 2017 11:59:11 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/3018/matthieu-darras-france Katayoun Shahabi, Iran http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/3017/katayoun-shahabi-iran Holder of PhD in French literature, Katayoon Shahabi, started her work in 1982 as a film promoter in "Farabi Cinema Foundation" (FCF), introducing Iranian Cinema to the world. In 1994, she helped to launch Cima Media International (CMI) before establishing her own company, Sheherazad Media International (SMI) in 2001. It was the most important private company active in the worldwide distribution of features, documentaries, and co-production with foreign companies. SMI has introduced films from acclaimed directors to the world, and accomplished around thousands of participations and several awards for her country. In 2012, she launched her France-based company, NOORI PICTURES, with which the success of her films and documentaries continued. The features that she has internationally distributed with Noori Pictures attended many well-known festivals and got several prizes: “Tales" got the Lion of the best screenplay in Venice, 2014. In 2015, "Wednesday, May 9" got two prizes in Orizzonti of Venice and in the same year in Cannes, "Nahid" in Un Certain Regard, got the Promising Future Prize. In 2016, "Inversion" was in Un Certain Regard of Cannes. Her latest film, “No Date, No Signature” got 2 Lions in the Orizzonti of Venice for the best director and the best actor. She was also a jury member in more than fourteen acclaimed Int'l festivals, including Idfa, San Sebastian, FIPA, Mannheim, Istanbul, etc. In 2016, she was selected as a jury member of the main competition of Cannes Film Festival. Katayoon is a Member of the Iranian Documentary and Fiction Producers Guild, and Member of the Producers Network. Lately she was invited to give a lecture in a workshop of the Taipei Film Commission of Taiwan.   ]]> International Juries Wed, 06 Dec 2017 11:57:56 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/3017/katayoun-shahabi-iran Gianfranco Rosi, Italy http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/3016/gianfranco-rosi-italy Born in Asmara, Eritrea. After attending university in Italy, in 1985 he moves to New York and graduates from the New York University Film School. Following a journey to India, he produces and directs his first documentary film, Boatman, screened with success at various international film festivals including Sundance Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival. The film is also broadcasted on several international TV channel (BBC, PBS, WDR, RAI). Gianfranco then directs Afterwords, programmed at the 2000 Venice Film Festival.   In 2008, his first feature film, Below Sea Level, shot in Slab City, California, wins the Orizzonti Award at the Venice Film Festival. The film also wins the Grand Prix and the Prix des Jeunes at the Cinéma du Réel festival in 2009, the prize for Best Documentary at the One World Film Festival in Prague, the Vittorio De Seta prize at the Bifest for the Best Documentary and was nominated as best documentary at the 2009 European Film Awards.   In 2010, he shoots El Sicario, Room 164, a film-interview about a killer turned informer from the Mexican drug cartels. Despite contrasted reviews, it wins the Fipresci Award at the Venice International Film Festival and the Doc/It prize as the best documentary of the year. It also won Best Film at DocLisboa in 2010 and at Doc Aviv in 2011.   In 2013, he makes the documentary feature, Sacro Gra, that wins the Golden Lion at the 2016 Venice International Film Festival, becoming the first documentary to ever land this prize. In 2014, Gianfranco presides over the jury of the 67th Locarno Festival.   In 2016, his new documentary, Fuoccoamare, wins the Golden Bear at the 2016 Berlinale, as well as the European Film Award for best documentary. In 2017 the film is nominated to the Academy Awards for best documentary.   ]]> International Juries Wed, 06 Dec 2017 11:55:24 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/3016/gianfranco-rosi-italy Darryl Els, South Africa http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/3015/darryl-els-south-africa Darryl Els is the Festival Director of the Encounters South African International Documentary Film Festival based in Cape Town. After graduating from the University of the Witwatersrand, Darryl worked in documentary film production before entering a career in cinema exhibition and film programming. In 2010 he co-founded The Bioscope Independent Cinema in Johannesburg an independent space dedicated to promoting South African and International documentary, fiction and short films. In addition to this, he has worked as an independent film researcher with a specific interest in South African cinema history, curating and presenting programs at various institutions and film festivals, most recently as part of the Visionary Archive project at the Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst in Berlin.     ]]> International Juries Wed, 06 Dec 2017 11:53:41 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/3015/darryl-els-south-africa