Wana - Latest News Our Time :: Full Edition http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/ninth_festival/toolbar_menu/NonCompetition/Ourtime Fri, 28 Feb 2020 12:08:54 GMT /skins/default/en/normal/ch01_newsfeed_logo.gif Produced by Cinema Verite http://www.irandocfest.ir/ 100 70 en Copyright© Irandocfest.ir, all rights reserved Fri, 28 Feb 2020 12:08:54 GMT Our Time 60 MyEscape http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/1810/myescape Director: Elke Sasse Screenplay: Elke Sasse Cinematographer: Ahmed + Heba Alwan , Saleh Zeer Editor: Janine Dauterich Producer: Stefan Pannen Distribution/Sales:Albatross World Sales,anna@albatrossworldsales.com     Synopsis:  #MyEscape shows the journey that refugees from Afghanistan, Syria and Eritrea chose to undergo, as the circumstances in their home-countries became increasingly unliveable, by using footage which has been shot by the refugees themselves. Within a timeframe of 90 minutes, these insights are interwoven with reflective in-depth interviews with the protagonists, connecting the outer journey that they went on, to the one that took place within.     Filmography:  One Day in Worldwide Berlin, , 2015 Worldwide Berlin, 2014 Forgotten people: Huzuls in the Ukraine, 2013 Kurt Sanderling, 2012 Our homes in 8mm, 2011 Ruth Dayan, 2010 Babske Radio, 2010 Where is the wall?, 2009 Who’s afraid of Europe?, 2008 The delta of the nine dragons, 2008 The endangered East, 2007     Festivals and Awards: Filmfestival Bolanzo,2016 Dokka Filmfestival,2016 Sheffield Doc Fest,2016 Sole Luna Docfestival,2016 Dig Awards Festival,2016       ]]> Our Time Mon, 31 Oct 2016 07:40:11 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/1810/myescape The Ukrainians http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/986/the-ukrainians Director: Leonid Kanter, Ivan Yasniy Screenplay: Leonid Kanter, Ivan Yasniy Editor: Leonid Kanter, Ivan Yasniy Cinematographer: Leonid Kanter, Ivan Yasniy Producer: Leonid Kanter Distribution/Sales: distribution.kinovyr@gmail.com   Synopsis: The film is the story of creating a new Ukrainian Army. The insurgent nation overthrew the criminal government and drove out the vassals of the Russian Empire. The enraged colonizer sent its troops to Ukraine and captured some of the territories. The President of Ukraine signed a ceasefire agreement and defined a demarcation line between the armies.     Filmography: Leonid Kanter 2001 - The Man Without A Hat 2002 - Elka 2003 - Concept 2003 - Anger 2006 - the trilogy "With The Stool Through The Himalayas" "The Almighty Horse" "Tibet Illegals" «The Stool» 2014 - The War at Its Own Expense (short documentary) 2015 - The Ukrainians (feature documentary)    Ivan Yasniy: -    Festivals and Awards:         ]]> Our Time Mon, 26 Oct 2015 15:42:23 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/986/the-ukrainians The Truth Beneath the Ground http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/985/the-truth-beneath-the-ground Director: Eva Vilamala Screenplay: Eva Vilamala Editor: Eva Vilamala Cinematographer: Eva Vilamala Producer: Photographic Social Vision Distribution/Sales: distribucion@promofest.org   Synopsis: In Guatemala, between 1960 and 1966, more than 200.000 people were killed in systematic oppression and massacres, in parts where Mayas were the majority. Photographer Miquel Dewever-Plana brings together exhuming processes and his testimonies in a book namesake as the film. Years after, Mayas come back for this book which tells their own story.      Filmography: -    Festivals and Awards: Black International Cinema Berlin 2015       ]]> Our Time Mon, 26 Oct 2015 15:40:02 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/985/the-truth-beneath-the-ground Surrounded by ISIS http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/984/surrounded-by-isis Director: Xavier Muntz Screenplay: Xavier Muntz Editor: Olga Penot & Fabrice Gerardi  Cinematographer: Xavier Muntz Producer:  PREMIERES LIGNES-ARTE G.E.I.E.  Distribution/Sales:  Java Films www.javafilms.fr Synopsis: In December 2014, ISIS militants managed to completely surround the town of Sinjar in Iraq. The Yazidi Kurdish residents of the mountain town, which lies about 50km from the Syrian border, are trapped. But they are not beaten. Xavier Muntz was dropped by helicopter into Sinjar and spent three weeks among the inhabitants as they fought for their lives and their homeland. The resistance force here is made up fighters from many countries and religious groups; all united amongst their common enemy. Fighting alongside each other are Kurds from Syria and Turkey, Christians and Muslims and even an American who contacted them through Facebook. Unusually for such a conservative part of the world there are also women who have enlisted and who fight as fiercely as any of their male colleagues.   Filmography: -   Festivals and Awards:  TV Grand Format trophy at Prix Bayeux-Calvados 2015 (War correspondants) Special Gvc Onlus Prize at Terra di Tutti Film Festival 2015 Awarded best reportage at DIG Awards 2015 Finalist at Prix Albert Londres 2015          ]]> Our Time Mon, 26 Oct 2015 15:36:45 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/984/surrounded-by-isis State of Mind http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/982/state-of-mind Director: Daria Lipko Screenplay: Daria Lipko, Dariusz Jarzyna Editor: Wojciech Słota Cinematographer: Dariusz Jarzyna Producer: OPUS FILM Distribution/Sales: festivals@tvn.pl   Synopsis: The main protagonist of the movie is Senadin Ljubovic, neuro-psychiatrist, Bosnian Muslim who hired Dr. Karadzic in a psychiatry clinic in Sarajevo before the war. Last time they saw each other was right before the war started. Sixteen years later Ljubovic decides to go to the Detention Unit in The Hague in order to reunite with his old friend, Karadzic. This journey through today's Bosnia and Serbia serves as the main axis of the plot.   Filmography: -   Festivals and Awards: -         ]]> Our Time Mon, 26 Oct 2015 15:27:45 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/982/state-of-mind Spectacular Movements http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/981/spectacular-movements Director: Mateo Hinojosa Screenplay: Mateo Hinojosa Editor: Cristina Carrasco Cinematographer: Mauricio Ovando Producer: Belimar Román Distribution/Sales: teohinojosa@gmail.com   Synopsis: Born from a collaboration between Hinojosa and the members of the theatre collective Teatro Trono, located in El Alto, a sprawling city neighboring the Bolivian capital of La Paz, this documentary follows a group of Bolivian youth as they begin to work on a play based on the October 2003 gas protests that claimed the lives of 84 people and led to the election of Evo Morales as president. They tour the country with the play; convinced that they can do more with it, they turn art into a call for action.   Filmography:  Spectacular Movemen, 2015 Seeds of our Ancestors - Native Youth Awakening to Foodways, 2015 Neurosurgery in Solidarity, 2014 Guardians of the Waters, 2013 How We Travel: Where There Be Dragons' Study Abroad, 2012 "El Meeting de los Estilos", 2011       Festivals and Awards:   Chicago Latino Film Festival, 2014       ]]> Our Time Mon, 26 Oct 2015 15:26:32 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/981/spectacular-movements Songs From the North http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/980/songs-from-the-north Director: Soon-Mi Yoo Screenplay: Soon-Mi Yoo Editor: Soon-Mi Yoo Cinematographer: Soon-Mi Yoo Producer: Soon-Mi Yoo  | Haden Guest Distribution/Sales: Rosa Filmes, comunicacao@rosafilmes.pt   Synopsis: SONGS FROM THE NORTH is an essay film which looks differently at the enigma of North Korea, a country typically seen only through the distorted lens of jingoistic propaganda and derisive satire. Interweaving footage from my three visits to North Korea, together with songs, spectacle, popular cinema and archival footage, SONGS FROM THE NORTH tries to understand, on their own terms, the psychology and popular imaginary of the North Korean people and the political ideology of absolute love which continues to drive the nation towards its uncertain future. To look closely and objectively at North Korea, a country that challenges our most fundamental assumptions about the human condition is ultimately to question the meaning of freedom, love and patriotism.   Filmography:  2014 - SONGS FROM THE NORTH 2011 - Pink  2010 - FAR FROM AFGHANISTAN 2006 - DANGEROUS SUPPLEMENT  2004 - ISAHN     Festivals and Awards:   67th Locarno International Film Festival  2014 Toronto International Film Festival 15th  Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival 2014 21st Valdivia International Film Festival 12th Doc Lisboa: Documentary International Film Festival 52nd Viennale, Vienna International Film Festival 2014  ]]> Our Time Mon, 26 Oct 2015 15:24:44 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/980/songs-from-the-north Portraits of a Search http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/979/portraits-of-a-search Director: Alicia Calderón Torres Screenplay: Alicia Calderón Torres, José Miguel Tomasena Editor: Juan Manuel Figueroa, Sofía Gómez Córdova Cinematographer: Dalia Huerta Cano Producer: Karla Uribe Distribution/Sales: Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE), mercaint@imcine.gob.m   Synopsis: More than 20,000 people disappeared in Mexico during the horrifically violent war on drugs waged by former President Calderon. Putting a human face on the most harrowing of statistics, director Alicia Calderon follows three mothers as they search for their children who have gone missing. With their lives now completely devoted to seeking out the truth, they pursue any avenue possible, in the face of an indifferent government which considers their loved ones to be "collateral casualties" of the drug war. Through vigils, testimonials, protests and hunger strikes, these women refuse to bow - nor turn away from the brutality that underpins the disappearances. This is the story of a dystopian nightmare that is all too real - a country which has spiraled out of control, and continues to be helplessly at the mercy of its all powerful northern neighbour.     Filmography: -     Festivals and Awards: Sheffield Doc. Fest 2015         ]]> Our Time Mon, 26 Oct 2015 15:23:13 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/979/portraits-of-a-search Pepe Mujica http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/978/pepe-mujica Director: Heidi Specogna Screenplay: Heidi Specogna Editor: Kaya Inan Cinematographer: Rainer Hoffman Producer: Heino Deckert Distribution/Sales: Deckert distribution, info@deckert-distribution.com   Synopsis:   “Poor is not he who has little, but he who always needs more.” Pepe Mujica has become famous for being the “world’s poorest president”. The former guerrilla fighter and flower grower is currently considered one of the most charismatic politicians of Latin America. Old and young believe in him thanks to his humble lifestyle and his unconventional manners, where political protocol is concerned. His political visions, among them his sensational regulation of the marijuana market, have created international interest.   Filmography:   2014 Pepe Mujica - Lessons from the Flowerbed   1997 Tupamaros   2010 The Goalgetter's Ship   2008 The short Life of Jose Antonio Gutierrez   2006 The short Life of Jose Antonio Gutierrez   Festivals and Awards: IDFA Amsterdam 2014 Göteborg IFF 2015 Solothurn IFF 2015 Berlinale 2015 Thessaloniki IDF 2015 One World HRFF Bucharest 2015 Montevideo IFF 2015 Beldocs IDF Belgrade 2015 Docs Against Gravity IFF Warsaw 2015 Sheffield IDF 2015       ]]> Our Time Mon, 26 Oct 2015 15:21:10 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/978/pepe-mujica Out of Focus http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/977/out-of-focus Director: Adrián Arce , Antonio Zirión Screenplay: Adrián Arce , Antonio Zirión Editor: Adrián Arce, Anto­nio Zirión and Hugo Chávez Carvajal Cinematographer: Anto­nio Zirión and Adrián Arce Producer: Adrián Arce, Anto­nio Zirión and Hugo Chávez Carvajal Distribution/Sales: hugchvzc@gmail.com     Synopsis:   This is a collaborative documentary about arts, culture and everyday life inside the prison for minors. It was shot during photography and video workshops with young inmates at the Juvenile community for specialized treatment in San Fernando, Mexico City.   Filmography: Adrián Arce El Nero’s trip, 2007 Memoria en Brases, 2006   Antonio Zirión El  rio qua canta,2012 Mano de obra,2010     Festivals and Awards: -       ]]> Our Time Mon, 26 Oct 2015 15:15:08 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/977/out-of-focus