Wana - Latest News Portrait :: Full Edition http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/Eleven_Festival/toolbar_menu/Selected_Films_Non/Portrait Fri, 28 Feb 2020 13:15:10 GMT /skins/default/en/normal/ch01_newsfeed_logo.gif Produced by Cinema Verite http://www.irandocfest.ir/ 100 70 en Copyright© Irandocfest.ir, all rights reserved Fri, 28 Feb 2020 13:15:10 GMT Portrait 60 The Mystery of the King of Kinema http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2739/the-mystery-of-the-king-kinema Director: Elio Quiroga Screenplay: Elio Quiroga Cinematographer: Elio Quiroga Editor: Elio Quiroga Producer: Margaret Nicoll  Distribution/Sales:  Elio Quiroga ,equiroga@gmail.com   Synopsis: Documentary about Max Linder, Film Pioneer and tragic figure. Filmography:  "Fotos" "La hora fría" "No-Do" "The mystery of the King of Kinema"   Festivals and Awards: Gijon International Film Festival, Special Mention of the JuryIFCOM Jakarta 2016     ]]> Portrait Wed, 22 Nov 2017 07:35:55 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2739/the-mystery-of-the-king-kinema My world is upside down http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2738/my-world-is-upside-down Director: Petra Seliskar Screenplay: Petra Seliskar Cinematographer: Brand Ferro Editor: Dorijan Milovanović, Vladimir Gojun Producer: Petra Seliškar, Brand Ferro  Distribution/Sales: PETRA SELISKAR, petrapanfilm@gmail.com   Synopsis: A music documentary based on the work of Slovenian artist Frane Milčinski – Ježek. His satirical poems and songs from the 1950s and '60s today sound more urgent and topical than ever, and are covered by musicians ranging from Finnish avant-garde accordion player Kimmo Pohjonen, to legendary Croatian songstress Josipa Lisac, to the former Bad Seed Hugo Race. The music is produced by indie rock icon Cris  Eckman (The Walkabouts), and expertly mixed with archive footage of Ježek’s own performances and skits, creating a touching and thought-provoking narrative. Filmography: Perfect Circle –2015 Mama Europa –2013 Mostar United –2008  The Grandmothers of the Revolution –2006 Turkish Tea – Director, producer -2005 Festivals and Awards: Makedox Seefilmla LIFFE     ]]> Portrait Wed, 22 Nov 2017 07:34:52 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2738/my-world-is-upside-down Leading Role http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2737/leading-role Director: Sergey Bukovsky Screenplay: Sergey Bukovsky Cinematographer:  Anatoliy Khimich Editor: Svitlana Zaloga, Maxym Desyateryk Producer: Julio López Fernández  Distribution/Sales: Taskovski Films, submissions@taskovskifilms.com   Synopsis: Is this film about a mother? About an actress? About a woman's fate? What happens when a son directs a film about his mother, an actress?     Filmography: 2016 THE LEADING ROLE  2011 UKRAINE. STARTING POINT  2008 THE LIVING  2006 SPELL YOUR NAME  2002 WAR. UKRAINIAN ACCOUNT   Festivals and Awards: Dok Leipzig       ]]> Portrait Wed, 22 Nov 2017 07:32:37 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2737/leading-role John Berger or The Art of Looking http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2736/john-berger-or-the-art-of-looking Director: Cordelia Dvorák Screenplay: Cordelia Dvorák Cinematographer: Piotr Rosolowski Editor: Alfredo Castro, Gesa Marten Producer:  Heino Deckert, Daniel Saltzwedel Distribution/Sales: Deckert Distribution   Synopsis: Art, politics and motorcycles: on the occasion of his 90th birthday, JOHN BERGER OR THE ART OF LOOKING is an intimate portrait of the writer and art-critic whose groundbreaking insights on seeing have shaped us for already five decades. His four-part BBC series Ways of seeing opened a whole generation’s eyes. Working on an astonishing range of topics and art-forms, he never lost his belief and lifelong interest in dialogues which over decades created the most unusual artistic collaborations. Realized as a portrait in works and collaborations, this creative documentary takes a different approach to biography, where John Berger leads us in his favorite role as the story teller through his ways of seeing of today. Filmography: Bailar Para Vivir John Berger or The Art of Looking   Festivals and Awards: Animation & Contemporary Art FF Olomouc 2016 Thessaloniki IDF 2017 Guadalajara IFF 2017 Art FIFA Montréal 2017 DOK.fest Munich 2017     ]]> Portrait Wed, 22 Nov 2017 07:30:56 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2736/john-berger-or-the-art-of-looking In absolute silence http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2735/in-absolute-silence Director: Lukasz Srodka Screenplay: Lukasz Srodka Cinematographer:  Lukasz Srodka  Editor: Lukasz Srodka Producer:  CAMERA NERA  Distribution/Sales: agnieszka wierszalowicz, info@cameranera.com    Synopsis: 1971. “Ziemia Zgorzelecka” national art symposium. Wroclaw artist Konrad Jarodzki grabs a few reels of cotton tape and heads for the nearby lignite strip mine. There he stretches a few kilometers of white material, in a wild attempt to harness, so to speak, the space surrounding him.  To this day the contrast between shabby-looking tape cutting through the air and the dominating, intimidating landscape presented on photos from that event is still striking. A fascinating manifestation of the frailty of actions of an individual clashing with nature and culture, but also a testament to the indomitableness of human aspirations in giving meaning to surrounding reality. A symbol of Konrad Jarodzki’s life and work, and perhaps man in general.   Filmography: This film is his 1st feature-length documentary .   Festivals and Awards: Wroclaw Film Festival,2017   ]]> Portrait Wed, 22 Nov 2017 07:21:31 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2735/in-absolute-silence Hitler’s Hollywood http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2734/hitler-s-hollywood Director: Rüdiger Suchsland Screenplay: Rüdiger Suchsland Cinematographer:  Anne Burger Edit: Ursula Purrer Producer:  Martina Haubrich Distribution/Sales: Wide House, ac@widehouse.org   Synopsis: Hitler’s Hollywood tells the story of one of the most important and dramatic period in the German cinema history. Once again, what does cinema know that we don’t know? The Third Reich cinema was a heavily censored industry and at the same time, longed to be a German dream factory. It produced, among others, the Nazi blockbuster "Münchhausen", at the request of Joseph Goebbels. It established its own celebrity star system and used the latest marketing tools.    Filmography:  2017,Hitlers Hollywood  2014,From Caligari to Hitler   Festivals and Awards: Telluride Film Festival 2017 Gent Film Festival 2017  Sao Paulo Film Festival 2017   ]]> Portrait Wed, 22 Nov 2017 07:17:20 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2734/hitler-s-hollywood Cut http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2733/cut Director: Benjamin Dizdarevic Screenplay: Benjamin Dizdarevic Cinematographer:  Gorčin Zec Editor: Benjamin Dizdarević Producer:  Nenad Dizdarević Distribution/Sales: Benjamin Dizdarević, bdizdarevic92@gmail.com    Synopsis: We follow Jasmin Dodik, an old cinema enthusiast and retired projectionist. We learn of his life from when he first encountered a 35 mm projector, to when he began working as a projectionist during Tito’s Yugoslavia up until the fall of the communist regime and the beginning of the war in Bosnia in 1992. Jasmin Dodik’s passion for film never faltered as he, despite of the circumstances, kept the cinemas going and screened films for people. During the war, he escaped through the Tunnel of Life multiple times, in order to bring back new films to show in Sarajevo, still during war time. After the war, however, people stopped showing up to Jasmin’s screenings. The story follows Jasmin on his final trip, to the small town of Donji Vakuf, where he will host his final screening before retiring from his hobby.   Filmography: Rez (2016) Mercy (2014)    Festivals and Awards: Sarajevo Film Festival,2016   ]]> Portrait Wed, 22 Nov 2017 07:16:07 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2733/cut Awal (Fate of Human) http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2732/awal-fate-of-human Director: Gilang Bayu Santoso Screenplay: Gilang Bayu Santoso Cinematographer: Febriandi Dimas Editor:Yoko Yonata Producer: Gilang Bayu Santoso Distribution/Sales: Gilang Bayu Santoso    Synopsis: During the reign of Soekarno, many student from the government has been selected to go to several country. Including Awal Uzhara, Sjumandjaja, Ami Priono and Zubair Lelo. were sent to Russia to learn cinematography skills in VGIK (The Gerasimove Institute of Cinematography). Once Sjumandjaja and Ami Priono became popular film makers in Indonesia. But not for Awal Uzhara, he had misfortune, after the finished his Master in Moscow, the condition of indonesia politics after 1965 had is troubles. The background of this country where he studied caused stigma and communist lability  which where leaned to him.   Filmography: “Mahasiswa Receh”, 2013 Salam Dari Anak-Anak Tergenang”, 2015     Festivals and Awards:  Jakarta International Documentary & Experimental Film Festival  Balinale International Film Festival  Copenhagen Film Festival   ]]> Portrait Wed, 22 Nov 2017 07:12:59 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2732/awal-fate-of-human Ai Weiwei Drifting http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2731/ai-weiwei-drifting Director: Bettina Kolb, Eva Mehl Screenplay: Eva Mehl Cinematographer: Bettina Kolb, Lionel Brugeaud  Editor: Christian Förster   Producer:  Frauke Sandig Distribution/Sales: Doc Film,DW, bettina.kolb@dw.com    Synopsis: A solitary dinghy drifting in the Aegean Sea between Turkey and Greece. Its single occupant is Ai Weiwei, who does not know how to swim. Is this performance art or an expression of solidarity? Ai Weiwei travelled to more than twenty countries - including Greece and Gaza - to make a documentary called 'Human Flow' about the global refugee crisis. He has created installations, memorials, out of the boats, life jackets and clothes left behind by people displaced from their homes – and brings their plight home to us. Filmography:  Eva Mehl "Ai Weiwei Drifting" (2017)  “The Artist Ai Weiwei Under Arrest” (2011) "Ai Weiwei - Concepts of a Chinese Artist” (2009) Bettina Kolb "Ai Weiwei Drifting" (2017)  “The Scent of Home - Encounters in Little Hanoi” (2015)  “Gutenberg in the Cyberstorm – The Value of the Book in the Digital Age” (2014) · “The Artist Ai Weiwei Under Arrest” (2011)   ]]> Portrait Wed, 22 Nov 2017 07:11:38 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2731/ai-weiwei-drifting A Certain Nasser http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2730/a-certain-nasser Director: Antoine Waked, Badih Massaad Screenplay: Antoine Waked, Badih Massaad Cinematographer: Nadim Saoma Editor: Halim Sabbagh  Producer: Georges Schoucair, Myriam Sassine   Distribution/Sales: Badih Massaad, badih@abboutproductions.com    Synopsis:  A Certain Nasser is the compelling journey of pioneer Lebanese filmmaker, Georges Nasser, an idealist who crafted films when there was no film industry but couldn’t adapt to his country’s failing system. Today, at ninety years old, his eyes still light up at the mention of his greatest love, Cinema.   Filmography:  Badih Massaad Le Matelas (2004), Giallo (2005) ,The Big Fall (2005), A Quintet (2014)   Antoine Waked Badkon Shi...t? ,2005   ]]> Portrait Wed, 22 Nov 2017 07:09:57 GMT http://www.irandocfest.ir/en/news/2730/a-certain-nasser