Cinema Verite 6 Oct 2018 - 15:03 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Mohammad Reza Aslani's Latest Documentary at 12th Cinema Verite -------------------------------------------------- Mohammad Reza Aslani, with his latest documentary, A House Vast as Knowledge, is to attend the 12th Iran International Documentary Film Festival, Cinema Verite. This 37 minutes documentary is the narration of a non-Iranian girl from her university in Iran. Text : A House Vast as Knowledge s crew are: Director: Mohammad Reza Aslani, Researchers: Kourosh Anbari and Mohammad Reza Aslani, Cinematographer: Abbas Hosseinzadeh, Sound Recorder: Ahmad Saberi, Sound Mixer and Sound Editor: Ali Ahmadi, Narration: Zoya Tanveer, Production Manager: Saeid Yadollahi, Photographer: Faraz Faqirollahi, Assistant Director: Arman Ghandi, Produced by: Tarbiat Modares University Mohammad Reza Aslani started his professional career in documentary cinema in 1966 with the production of the acclaimed Jaam-e Hasanlou. Since then he wrote and directed works such as Bad Bade, With the Permission Of, Chenin Konand Hekayat, Tari-Khane, Jame-e Fahraj, Mash Ismael, Abu Rayhan Biruni, Heritage, Glass, The Child and Exploitation, Cheegh, Heart of the World, Memories of A 75 Years Old, Hegmataneh s Hands and Tehran: Conceptual Art. He also directed two feature films, Wind Chess (1976) and Green Fire (2008), directed TV series such as Samak Ayyar, Light Mist, Mantegh Ol-teyr and wrote screenplays for Line, Souzanban, By the Silent City, Tangna, Elegy, The Morning of the Forth Day, Stone Garden and The Great Rumi. Last year he won Iran Book of the Year for his book, Another Reading of the Documentary Cinema. During recent years, while teaching at universities of the country, Mohammad Reza Aslani has judged many prestigious festivals. He was honored in the closing ceremony of the 6th Iran International Documentary Film Festival.