Cinema Verite 9 Dec 2017 - 9:48 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Lady Qods of Iran, The Opening Screening of the Cinema Verite -------------------------------------------------- The opening ceremony of the 11th Iran International Documentary Film Festival, "Cinema Verite" is dedicated to the screening of "Lady Qods of Iran" by Mostafa Razaq-karimi at 19:15, December 19th, at theater number 1 of Charsou Cineplex. Text : "Lady Qods of Iran" is a documentary about the life of Imam Khomeini s wife, which is a co-production of Orouj Film and The Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC). About the production of this documentary, which is in the National Competition for long Documentaries and Shahid Avini Award Mostafa Razaq-karimi said: "Khadijeh Saqafi married Imam Khomeni when she was 16, over 60 years ago, and this movie about his life from time Birth to death He continued: Lady Khadijeh Saghafi was married to Imam Khomeini from the age of 16. This is a documentary about her life with Imam Khomeini Imam, up until his death. There are other members of her family in the film, talking about Mrs Saqafi." About the length of his documentary, the filmmaker explained: "It took two years to make it, the research taking one year and three months, and several periods. The documentary scenario was written in direct connection with Imam Khomeini Publications Institute and his Family. This 80-minute documentary is a co-production of Orouj Film and The Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC) and was made with the cooperation of Imam Khomeini Publications Institute, Art Credit Fund and Khorshe-e Jamaran Ad Agancy, and is going to be screened for the first time in the 11th Iran Documentary Film Festival. The filmmaker has also "Hodhod Flight" films in Shahid Avini Award competetion and "Memories for all Seasons" in Commemorate of East Azerbaijan Documentaries section. Mostafa Razaq-karimi has already received the Turquoise Statue for the best documentary and Shahid Avini Award for the best directorm for "Memories for all Seasons".