Cinema Verite 1 Dec 2019 - 11:06 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Una Primavera -------------------------------------------------- 80’, Austria-Germany-Italy, 2018 Text : Director: Valentina Primavera Screenplay: Valentina Primavera Cinematography: Valentina Primavera Editor: Federico Neri Producer: Johannes Schubert Distribution/sales: Filmdelights Synopsis: Following the latest episode of domestic violence, Fiorella - mother of three - decides to leave her husband, their house and life to free herself after 40 years of marriage. At 58 she finally applies for legal separation in search of freedom and new ways of being. Equipt with a hand camera her daughter Valentina follows her first steps into the unknown future. A complex journey begins, leading both to confront themselves and the community with its patriarchal structures while questioning the meaning of family and society. Filmography: Una Primavera, 2019 Festivals and Awards : DOK Leipzig ZagrebDOX -BIG STAMP AWARD Diagonale Graz, Austria HotDocs Toronto Crossing Europe, Linz, Austria 34 DOK.fest Munich CinDOC-Tbilisi, Georgia Against Gravity, Poland Gdansk DocFilm Festival, Poland Carte Blanche & Honorable Mention 43 Duisburger Filmwoche