Cinema Verite 12 Dec 2016 - 10:28 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Cinema Verite Has Become More Fruitful Every Year -------------------------------------------------- Director of CEFC said: “Cinema Verite has become more fruitful every year and its managers are full of good ideas. Hojattollah Ayoubi said: “The documentary cinema is effective and satisfies intellectuals. Documentaries have high capacity in Iran. Text : Many of our intellectuals work in this field. You cannot make good documentaries without knowledge and experience. He added: The part of Iranian cinema which I m very interested in is documentary cinema. This is a cinema for the scholar, literate and thinker. Ayoubi continued: Movies that documentarians show in Cinema Verite, are the lasting films of Iranian cinema, subjects they find with their hearts and minds and capture them, subjects others might not see or pay attention to it.