Cinema Verite 28 Nov 2018 - 19:40 -------------------------------------------------- Title : From Music Into Silence -------------------------------------------------- 72’, Australia, 2018 Text : Director: Farshid Akhlaghi Screenplay: Afshin Soleymani & Farshid Akhlaghi Cinematography: Farshid Akhlagh Editor:Steven Robinson ASE & Farshid Akhlaghi Producers: Farshid Akhlaghi Distribution/sales: Farshid Akhlaghi Synopsis: For the last 23 years, Peter Roberts has had the most unusual job in Australia. He is the only Australian Music Thanatologist.He plays the harp for people who are facing their lastmoments of life. Peter s focus is on the dying process and he helps people to die in peace when often everyone wants them to stay.With the spirit ofthe Persian poet Rumi running through his veins, Peterhas one last task to do before he retires. Filmography: Station 44, Pain is Mine (2018) Death Comes Slowly Like Ants to a Fallen Fig (2017) Festivals and Awards : Krakow Film Festival Gdansk Documentary Film Festival