Cinema Verite 1 Dec 2018 - 16:01 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Za World -------------------------------------------------- 80’, Italy, 2017 Text : Director: Gianfranco Pannone Screenplay: Gianfranco Pannone, Nico Carrato, & Primo Giroldini Cinematography: Pierpaolo Pessini Editor: Nicola Tasso Producer: Primo Giroldini, Giovanna Beghi, Mario Mazzarotto, & Gianfranco Pannone Distribution/sales: Movimento Film Synopsis: Cesare Zavattini and the land where he born, the Bassa reggiana. A rich and complex relationship of reciprocity, which in this film intertwines past and present, creating a new time suspended through the testimonies of four men of different ages and social conditions. A film starting from the great Za, which ideally meets its people in this piece of Emilia that laps the Po river. Filmography: Leave the Saints Alone (2016) The World s Smallest Army (2015) On the Volcano (2014) Festivals and Awards : MY Art Film Festival Corto Dino Film Festival