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Surrounded by ISIS

52', France, 2015
Surrounded by ISIS
Director: Xavier Muntz
Screenplay: Xavier Muntz
Editor: Olga Penot & Fabrice Gerardi 
Cinematographer: Xavier Muntz
Distribution/Sales:  Java Films www.javafilms.fr

In December 2014, ISIS militants managed to completely surround the town of Sinjar in Iraq. The Yazidi Kurdish residents of the mountain town, which lies about 50km from the Syrian border, are trapped. But they are not beaten. Xavier Muntz was dropped by helicopter into Sinjar and spent three weeks among the inhabitants as they fought for their lives and their homeland.
The resistance force here is made up fighters from many countries and religious groups; all united amongst their common enemy. Fighting alongside each other are Kurds from Syria and Turkey, Christians and Muslims and even an American who contacted them through Facebook. Unusually for such a conservative part of the world there are also women who have enlisted and who fight as fiercely as any of their male colleagues.
Filmography: -
Festivals and Awards: 
TV Grand Format trophy at Prix Bayeux-Calvados 2015 (War correspondants)
Special Gvc Onlus Prize at Terra di Tutti Film Festival 2015
Awarded best reportage at DIG Awards 2015
Finalist at Prix Albert Londres 2015 

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