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Cinema Verite” commemorates late Manuchehr Tayyab

The ceremony commemorating late Iranian documentary maker Manuchehr Tayyab held on the sixth day of the 14th Iran International Documentary Film Festival known as “Cinema Verite”.
Cinema Verite” commemorates late Manuchehr Tayyab
Tayyab, who was mostly known for his documentaries on Iran and its cultural heritage, died at a hospital in Vienna in August 2020. He was 83.
Born in Tehran, Tayyab moved to Austria in his youth to study architecture at the Vienna University of Technology.
After receiving a degree in architecture, he began studying filmmaking at the International Academy of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.
He directed his focus toward Iran and its cultural heritage in his professional career, making his debut with “Pottery” in 1963 about the history of pottery in Iran.
“Persian Sea”, “Isfahan Jame Mosque”, “Iran, Land of Religions”, “Lorestan, Ancient Land of the Kassites” and “Architecture in the Safavid Period” are among numerous documentaries he made about Iran.
The 14th Iran International Documentary Film Festival opened in Tehran on Dec 15.
This week-long cinematic event is underway totally online and will be wrapped up on December 22.
The festival has several sections, including the National, International, and Martyr Avini Prize, Entrepreneurship Documentary Competition, Coronavirus Special Section, Side Sections, and commemorations.
In the meantime, several expert workshops and master talks, as well as masterclasses, are being held on the sideline of the international event.
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