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Cinema Verite” announced lineup of National Competition Section

A lineup of 67 documentaries which will be competing in the National Competition Section of the 14th edition of Iran International Documentary Film Festival known as “Cinema Verite” has been abounded.
Cinema Verite” announced lineup of National Competition Section
The films are as follows:
**Short Documentary:
1-"Aq Soo" by Abdollah Azizi
2-"Alousan" by Mohsen Eslamzadeh
3-"Bawa (Father)" by Mohsen Kolivandi
4-"Brother form the Barrens" by Ali Assadi
5-"Play Maker" by Hadis Jan Bozorgi
6-"Parizad" by Mahdi Emani Shahmirzadi
7-"Boushi" Firm by Hadi Nemat Allahi
8-"I Won't Be Alone" by Yasser Talebi
9- "Haj Abolghasem Confectionery and Sons" by Mehrdad Khaki
10- |Aleppo Has No Sea" by Meysam Sabouhi
11-"Khanjan" by Babak Taheri
12- "About Father, About Death" by Farhad Behbahani
13- "A troubled Dream" by Ehsan Nikbakht
14- "Zarafshoon" by Mahdi Rajabian
15- "The Short Shadows" by Mhohsen Asgarizadeh
16- "Sarevo" by Mohsen Abdollahi
17- "Dry Lake Dragonflies" by Mohammad Sadeq Bektashian
18-"At Nights on the Way" by Hassan Malekzadeh
19- "Oak Shout" by Mohsen Sakha
20-"Kakol" by Hadi Sabet Shokatabadi
21-"Water Lorry" by Hddi Afarideh
22-"Dance a Little With Me" by Mostafa Amani
23-"Gando" by Teymour Qaderi
24-"Neysan" by Mohsen Zaifipour
25-"Vayu" by Panah Barkhoda –Rezaei
26- "Always Night, Always Day" by Yaser Khayyer
**Semi-Length Documentary:
27-"Anahid" by Hamidreza Alipour
28-"The Last Breath" by Faraz Fadaeian
29- "The Sound of the Tenth Night" by Somayeh Karimi
30- "Omidihe" by Ali Zahiri
31- "Return" by Farhad Varham
32-"On the Ground" by Mohsen Khan Jahani
33-" On the Shores of the Caspian" by Pejman Mazaheripour
34- "As a Souvenir" by Saeed Mohsen Safavipour
35- "An Instance" by Maryam Izadi
36-"Chamoun" by Arman Qoli Pour Dashtaki
37-" Immigrant Swallows" by Hassn Jafari
38-"In Search of Lost Time" by Mohammad-Sadeq Sameiefar
39-"Unfinished Road" by Asqar Qandi
40-"Rashow" by Reza Abbasi
41- "Sweet Wound" by Mahdi Baqeri
42-" Candle, Flower, Butterfly" by Mohammad Sadeq Bektashian
43-"Taher"by Amir Masoud Hosseini
44-"Talaroudan" by Reza Majlesi
45- "F-A" by Farshad Ektesabi
46- "The 19th Block" by Masoud Dehnavi
47-"Kal Fatemeh" by Mahdi Zamanpour Kiasari
48- "Flame Bird" by Hojjat Taheri
49-"Music Is My Life" by Mahdi Mahmoud
50- "Death and Dragon" by Omid Pakrou
51- "Houbara" by Fathollah Amiri, Nima Asqari
**Feature-Length Documentaries:
52-"Dawn Is There" by Mohsen Jahani, Hashem Masoudi
53- "Ayeneh Dar" by Pouyan Kazemi
54-" Iranian Animation" by Mahrdad Sheikhan
55- "Drink Dealer" by Mohammad Hassan Damanzan
56- "ISATIS" by Alireza Dehqan
57- "Fill in the Blanks" by Atiyeh Zare Arandi
58-"Iranian Eyes" by Sasan Falahfar
59-"House" by Afsaneh Salari
60- "Scorching Nagorno-Karabakh" by Sina Hossein Pour Asl
61-"In Soldier Clothes" by Mahdi Naqavian
62-" Tattoo Your Dreams" by Mahdi Ganji
63- "Residents of Lalehzar Streets Upper Floors" by Fariba Reisi
64-"Committee" by Abdolhossein Badrlou
65-"Ramadi Report" by Ali Mohammad Zolfaqari
66- "Captain Darya" by Maziar Moshtaq Gohari
67-" Eighteen Thousand Feet" by  Mahdi Shamohammadi
Due to the pandemic, this year’s Cinéma Vérité will be held entirely online from December 8 to 15.
The number of the submitted films has been increased in comparison with the previous year edition which was 865 works.
According to the public relation center of Cinema Verite, out of 871 works, 476 are short, 209 mid-length, and 138 feature-length documentaries.
In the meantime, 154 works will participate in the Entrepreneurship Documentary Competition and 136 films in the Coronavirus special section of the event.
The selected works of the festival will be announced in near future.
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