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25 films reached to Coronavirus special section of “Cinema Verite”

Some 25 films have been reached to the Coronavirus special section of the 14th edition of “Cinema Verite” which is slated to be held in an online format in Tehran from Dec 8-14, 2020.
25 films reached to Coronavirus special section of “Cinema Verite”

Presided by Mohammad Hamidi-Moqaddam, in this section, which will be held in a competitive manner, the social, political, economic, and cultural films with the theme of Coronavirus have been selected and will be judged by the jury members.
The films are as follows:
1-A_B_C_D by Mohsen Khan Jahani
2-There is Dawn by Mohsen Jahani, Hashem Masoudi
3-Quarantine Etudes
5-Block 65 by Vahid Hosseini Nami
4- Selfless Rescuer by Hossein Ali Madadi5-Block 65 by Vahid Hosseini Nami
6-Par Gol by Saeed Faraji
7-Parvanegi (Epidermolysis Bullosa) by Mohammad-Jafar Baqeri-Nia
8-Pesgholeh by Majid Sheida
9-Impass by Javad Yaqmouri, Mahdi Amini
10-Chamon by Armar Qolipour Dashtaki
11-Story of Small Hands by Mahdiyeh Sadat Mehvar
12-Not For Ever by Majid Faraji
13-Jihad Narration by Mihad Amini Movahed
14-Poupak Dream by Reza Sourani
15- Symphony Mask by Masoud Babaei
16-Night Shift by Mohammad Hossein Hemati-Nejad
17- Itinerant Doctor (Tabibe Doregard) by Mahdi Zaghian, Sadeq Rouhi
18- Special Operation by Hojatollah Edalat Panah
19-Qorentine by Payam Mirtabrizian
20-The 19th Block by Masoud Dehnavi
21-Defenders by Farhad Ayatollahi
21-First Wave by Zahra Moslemi Pour
23- Moujeh by Kouroush Asgari
24-Breathtaking by Ali Karami
25- When Kindness Becomes Pervasive (vaghti mehrbani hamegir mishavad) by Alireza Baqshani
This section of the festival will be held in cooperation with the "Corona-Narration" event of the Medical Council of Iran.
The number of the submitted films has been increased in comparison with the previous year edition which was 865 works.
According to the public relation center of Cinema Verite, out of 871 works, 476 are short, 209 mid-length, and 138 feature-length documentaries.
In the meantime, 154 works will participate in the Entrepreneurship Documentary Competition and 136 films in the Coronavirus special section of the event.
The selected works of the festival will be announced in near future.
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