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“No Place for Angles”, an Overview of the Lives of Iranian Women

“No Place for Angles”, directed by Sam Kalantari and Hamed Shakibania as the producer is a selected film for two sections: National and International Competition of 13th Cinema Verite International Film Festival.
“No Place for Angles”, an Overview of the Lives of Iranian Women
Talking about the story of this documentary, Kalantari said: “The documentary’s about Iranian women’s national hockey team and I can say that this sport and addressing it became a reason to enter private life of these girls so that the film somehow shapes as an overview of the lives of women in the society.”
Mentioning his interest in making documents about Iranian females, Kalantari said: “I felt that girls of hockey team have the potential to be in the story, so they made the foundation of my film.”
Regarding the importance of the document’s subject, he explained that “Every film about Iranian girls and women that can display their abilities, strength, and activities in the society, in fact, is a big thing. As a director, if I choose women as the subject of my works, I should try to show the difficulties, problems and abilities they have. Each opportunity for exhibiting these matters has significance. Just like Cinema Verite, which is one the most significant grounds for showing these kinds of subjects.”
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