Monday 23 December 2019 - 17:45
Mohamad Hamidimoghadam:

Going to Cinema Verite needs online registration and taking the festival’s ID card

The 13th Cinema Verite international film festival secretory says the main audience of the festival receives ID cards and they require to sign up online and book tickets for attending national competition theater halls and special screening.
Going to Cinema Verite needs online registration and taking the festival’s ID card

Emphasizing that audiences are the Cinema Verite’s greatest asset, Mohamad Hamidimoghadam said: “Preserving the audience is the first priority of the festival organizing team. So, this year, Cinema Verite has some differences in its form, so that we can take a step toward meeting standards of the world.”
Pointing to the formation of a policy committee of Cinema Verite Festival, he said: “This year, for the first time, class’s representatives are among the Festival’s Policy Committee and the Committee considered some changes in the festival and some choices were made. It was suggested in the committee that the festival should move toward some plans in order to update itself to world standards, including preparation right condition for the audiences that come to watch films.”
According to Hamidimoghadam, though having a high profile, Cinema Verite had some problems before, including the fact that the ID card was almost useless for reaching festival's main areas. Therefore, this year, ID card has special credibility.
Mentioning that growing number of attendees caused some dissatisfactions among the main audiences in recent years, Hamidimoghadam stated that: “You have to have a card that lets you watch the film you have chosen on time. Therefore, this year we preferred having an online sign up (registration) for the festival.”
‌explaining the registration, the secretary said that: “During the numerous meeting, we divided festival’s audiences to several groups so that we can sign up, provide cards and extra services to these groups.”
He mentioned the film owners, including directors and producers as the main audience of the festival and said: “Festivals form with these people, so the film owners are the first group of the main audience. The second group is the permanent members of two associations of documentary directors and producers, which may not have a film in this year's festival. The third group comprises of artists that don’t belong to documentary cinema-related classes but work in this field, including documentary cinematographers, sound mixers and editors. Finally, the fourth group is the people who reflect festival news events like media reporters that cover news of the festival.
Cinema Verite secretary also added that: “Documentary cinema figures, cultural and political activists interested in various festival themes, filmmakers and foreign guests are the remaining groups of Cinema Verite registration plan.
Pointing that color cards are provided for these groups, Hamidimoghadam said: “Each attendee has a profile in the integrated information system of the festival. After signing up, each person, depending on his/her category and type of activity, uploads his/her work on to the site so that his/her identity reveals to festival executives. Using these profiles, signed up people would have identity and resume for years to come and the feedback of their presence could be measured. “
He added: “People in these groups can book entering ticket for Iran’s national competition films and special screening section using the bar code on their cards. About ten seats are reserved for the owners and the same reserved for media representatives and critics. The remainder of the seats can be booked and people can buy their ticket online or by coming to Cinema Charsu and purchase them from helpdesks.”
Pointing out to the fact that some documentary makers wanted Cinema Verite to hold ticket selling and even some classes declared their predisposition to start purchasing tickets from their own guilds, said that: “This year, a limited number of single screening tickets allocated to festival’s public audiences that can be bought through Cinematic website. So, interested people also can watch films without ID card.
Finally, Cinema Verite’s secretary emphasized that: “We intended to rule order in these not-so-big venues, in a way that serious Cinema Verite audiences can comfortably watch their favorite films and find out the real number of audiences of this year’s Cinema Verite.”
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