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Sheep Hero

81’, Netherlands, 2018
Sheep Hero
Director: Ton Van Zantvoort

Screenplay: Ton Van Zantvoort

Cinematography: Ton Van Zantvoort

Editor: Ton Van Zantvoort

Producer: Ton van Zantvoort for NEWTON film, Marc Thelosen / seriousFilm, Koert Davidse / seriousFilm

Distribution/sales: Films Transit International Inc. 
A traditional shepherd in the Netherlands is forced to give in to new ways, which clash with his romantic worldview and his modus vivendi. Unfortunately, he finds himself at a crossroads between two options: compromise or perish. A documentary that observes, in the course of a decade, how a sworn denier of the brave new world is being gradually transformed. From a self-confident and relaxed man into a stressful entrepreneur obsessing over his survival.
2005 Khamuvillage (short)
2003 Items (Short)
2005 Pack (Short)
2010 Carrousel (Short)
2009 Lovely Planet (Short)
2006 Grito De Piedra
2009 A Blooming Business
2011 Kees En Mien (Short)
2015 The Benno Tapes
2018 Sheep Hero 
Festivals and Awards :
IDFA, Netherlands, 2018
Visions du Réel, Switzerland, 2019
Millennium Docs Against Gravity, Winner Green Warsaw Award Poland, 2019
DOK.fest München, Germany, 2019
One World Prague, Czech Republic, 2019
Docville Leuven, Belgium, 2019
Story Code: 6951
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