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When Lambs Become Lions

79’, USA, 2018
When Lambs Become Lions
Director: Jon Kasbe
Screenplay: Jon Kasbe
Cinematography: Jon Kasbe

Editor: Frederick Shanahan, Jon Kasbe, Caitlyn Greene

Producer:  Innbo Shim, Tom Yellin, Andrew Harrison Brown

Distribution/sales: Dogwoof 
What do you do when your job becomes illegal? At the border of a wildlife reserve, an ivory dealer and his wildlife ranger cousin are trying to provide for their families suvival. Their professional commitment pits them against each other. For this job, they risk death, arrest and international outrage. Jon Kasbe followed them for three years, gaining their trust and observing their changing perspectives on their job.
When Lambs Become Lions
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Festivals and Awards :
Tribeca Film Festival 2018- Best Editing in a Documentary Film
Another Way Film Festival  2018- Grand Jury Prize
Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018
Zurich Film Festival 2018
Story Code: 6947
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