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4 Mar 2019 - 16:14

80', Iran, 2018

Director: Bahman Kiarostami 
Screenplay: Bahman Kiarostami 
Cinematography: Davood Maleki 
Editor: Bahman Kiarostami 
Producer: Bahman Kiarostami 

Synopsis: This film is about the Imam Reza's deportation center. The organization is run by the Foreign Ministry's Office and it is responsible for deportation/registering Afghan immigrants who have illigally entered Iran. 

Filmography: Leech, Journey to the land of Traveller, Morteza Momayez, The Light, Infidels, Do Kamanceh, Pilgrimage, Re-enactment, I saw Shoosh, Javad, Taxi 

Story Code: 4976

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