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Massoud Bakhshi

International Section Selection Committee
Massoud Bakhshi
Massoud Bakhshi was born in Teheran, Iran. He earned his high school diploma in photography and cinema (1990) and his BS in Agriculture Engineering (1995). He later studied filmmaking in Italy (1999) and Cultural Finance in France (2005). He worked as a film critic, screenwriter, and producer from 1990 to 1998. Then he made 10 documentaries and short films, and 3 documentary series, which won national and international prizes. His feature 35 mm documentary film "Teheran Has No More  Pomegranates" was selected in more than 30 international festivals, received 3 Best Director prizes and 2 Best Film prizes, and was nominated for Cinema Eye prize as the Best Documentary of the year at IFC in NY 2009. This film had a successful theatrical release in US, Canada, Poland and finally in Iran. His last short film "Baghdad Barber" (35mm, 2008) was screened at Locarno, Rotterdam, Clermont-Ferrand, and won the Best Fiction prize at 2009 Tampere Int’l Film Festival in Finland.
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