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Reviewing Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival in Cinema Verite

14 Dec 2018 - 15:17

The selected documentaries of Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival will be featured in Mirror of a Festival section of the 12th Iran International Film Festival, Cinema Verite.

Seven documentaries to be screening in this section are: The Last Honey Hunter (Ben Knight / Nepal), Angkar (Neary Adeline Hay / France), The Legend of the Ugly King (Hüseyin Tabak / Germany, Austria), Nowhere to Hide (Zaradasht Ahmed / Norway, Sweden), The Distant Barking of Dogs (Simon Lereng Wilmont / Denmark), Flowers Fade Early: Kakopetros August 28th 1944 (Matthaios Frantzeskakis / Greece), Painting ... (Ioanna Neophytou, Dimitris Stamatis / Greece).
Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival is held every March in Thessaloniki, Greece. This year's 21st Festival will be March 1 - March 10, 2019.
Thessaloniki Festival is one of the most important European documentary festivals. The festival hosts an International Contest for first and second feature documentaries by a filmmaker, also the new section, Virtual Reality competition. The Thessaloniki Festival Market, Agora Doc Market, is also a place to meet and exchange views with professionals of cinema from all over the world.
Thessaloniki Festival is included in the Academy Awards approved list this year, so the best feature documentary that wins the Golden Alexander Award will be qualified for the Oscars Best Documentary competition.

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