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Bridges of Time

80’, Lithuania - Latvia - Estonia, 2018
Bridges of Time
Director: Kristine Briede & Audrius Stonys
Screenplay: Kristine Briede & Audrius Stonys
Cinematographer: Valdis Celmiņš & Audrius Kemežys
Editor: Kostas Radlinskas & Andra Dross
Producer: Uldis Cekulis & Arunas Matelis
Distribution/sales: VFS Films

At the beginning of the 1960s, when the French pioneers of cinéma vérité set out to achieve a new realism, and when direct cinema in Québec began to vie for notice, the Baltics witnessed the birth of a generation of documentarists who favored a more romantic view of the world around them. 
Audrius Stonys:
Uku Ukai (2006)
Alone (2001)
Fedia. Three Minutes after the Big Bang (2000) 

Kristīne Briede:
Mother Conected (2001) 
Festivals and Awards:
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
IDFA 2018
Story Code: 3592
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