Saturday 1 December 2018 - 19:08

Subito – Instant Photography

77’, Switzerland , 2018
Subito – Instant Photography
Director: Peter Volkart          
Screenplay: Peter Volkart     
Cinematographer: Peter Volkart & Stefan Kälin
Editor: Peter Volkart & Stefan Kälin    
Producer: Franziska Reck      
Distribution/sales: RECK Filmproduktion     

Polaroid – a fantastic invention bordering on magic! The history of a cultural phenomenon – betwixt and between the poles of art, pop culture and technology – that emerged in the middle of the last century and whose impact can still be felt today.
Filmography :
Subotika: Land of Wonders (2015)
Zimmer 606 (2012)
Monsieur Sélavy (2008)
Festivals and Awards
Hof International Film Festival
Zürich Film Festival
Story Code: 3588
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