Saturday 1 December 2018 - 16:34

Chinese Portrait

80’, Hong Kong, 2018
Chinese Portrait
Director: Xiaoshuai Wang
Screenplay: Xiaoshuai Wang
Cinematography: Wu Di, Zeng Hui, Zeng Jian, & Piao Xinghai 
Editor: Valérie Loiseleux
Producer: Isabelle Glachant & Liu Xuan Qian Yini
Distribution/sales: Asian Shadows 

What if you were a passer-by in Beijing streets, a peasant hopping for the rain to fall, a steelworker in disappearing factories, a tourist on a packed beach, praying in Ningxia or Qinhai, a construction worker after an earthquake, a fisherman repairing its fishnet, or a dancer waiting to get on stage?
Red Amnesia (2014)
Beijing Bicycle (2001)
So Close to Paradise (1998)
Festivals and Awards :
Busan International Film Festival
Hong Kong Asian Film Festival
Golden Horse Film Festival
Story Code: 3577
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