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Carl Laemmle - A life like in the movies

89' , Germany, 2018
Carl Laemmle - A life like in the movies
Director: Jo Mueller
Screenplay: Norbert Bareis
Cinematography: Kumaran Herold  
Editor: Tom Henri Kuhnke, Elmar Podlasly
Producer:  Jens Holzheur, Martin Rohé
Distribution/sales: Nova Entertainment, SWR
Carl Laemmle, founds Hollywood. He is considered a major film pioneer. Historians, film experts and descendants talk about its significance for today's cinema. The portrait also honors Carl Laemmle as the man who saved hundreds of Jews from the Nazis with his guarantees.
Sagenhafter Südwesten (2016)
Motzgurke.tv: Die Tigerenten-Reporter Zeigen's Euch! ( 2012)
Story Code: 3571
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