Saturday 1 December 2018 - 15:20

Joy in Iran

90’, Germany, 2018
Joy in Iran
Director: Walter Steffen
Screenplay: Walter Steffen
Cinematography: Walter Steffen
Editor: Steffen Mühlstein
Producer: Walter Steffen
Distributer: Konzept+Dialog.Medien
The film tells of clown visits to Iranian orphanage and street children's facilities, hospitals, psychiatric clinics and refugee camps; He tells of human encounters in these special places, of touching, but always funny and entertaining situations and little stories.
Down the Water We Go (2017) 
Happy Welcome (2015)  
Bavaria Vista Club (2014) 
Munich in India (2012)    
Straight Aside (2011)   
Tools & Crafts (2010)
Festivals and Awards :
Fünf Seen Film Festivals
Story Code: 3568
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