Saturday 1 December 2018 - 15:07


72’, Switzerland, 2018
Director: Peter Entell
Screenplay: Peter Entell
Cinematography: Peter Entell
Editor: Peter Entell
Producer: Peter Entell
Distribution/sales: Sweet Spot Docs
A story of abandonment and discovery, of silence and of sharing, of how fate shaped the lives of three women. One day, six-year-old Shelly followed her classmate Sian home from school. They grew up like sisters. Thirty years later Shelly discovers that she has a biological sister named Linda. An intimate and compelling story of adoption and friendship; three women whose lives were profoundly changed by the events of June 25, 1954.
Like Dew in the Sun (2016)
A Home Far Away (2012)
Josh's Trees (2005)
Le tube (2001)
Rolling (1997)
Festivals and Awards :
Vision Du Reel
Story Code: 3567
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