Saturday 1 December 2018 - 14:49

SPK Complex

110’, Germany, 2018
SPK Complex
Director: Gerd Kroske
Screenplay: Gerd Kroske
Cinematography: Susanne Schüle, Anne Misselwitz
Editor: Olaf Voigtländer, Stephan Krumbiegel
Producer: Gerd Kroske
Distribution/sales: Deckert Distribution GmbH

In 1970, Dr. Wolfgang Huber and a group of patients founded the anti-psychiatric “Socialist Patient’s Collective” (SPK) in Heidelberg. Controversial therapy methods, political demands, and a massive interest in the movement from patients deeply distrustful of conventional “custodial psychiatry,” led to run-ins with the University of Heidelberg and local authorities. The conflict quickly escalated and resulted in the radicalization of the SPK. Their experiment in group therapy ultimately ended in arrests, prison, and the revocation of Huber’s license to practice medicine.

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Schranken (2009)
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Festivals and Awards :
Berlin International Film Festival (2018)
Munich International Documentary Festival (2018)
Perugia Social Film Festival
Story Code: 3566
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