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Nine Month War

73’, Hungary-Qatar, 2018
Nine Month War
Director: László Csuja
Screenplay: László Csuja
Cinematography: Zagon Nagy 
Editor: Ágnes Mógor 
Producers: Ágnes Horváth-Szabó, András Pires Muhi, Gábor Kovács, & Edina Kenesei 
Distribution/sales: Deckert Distribution GmbH 

Synopsis: Twenty-four-year-old Jani lives in a small town in Western Ukraine, part of the minority Hungarian community. An only child whose father died five years ago, Jani is fed up with the boring life in his hometown, and drowning in the love of his mother, Erzsike. When he is drafted by Ukrainian Army, called up to fight the separatists…
Blossom Valley (2018) 
Meanwhile in Budapest (2013) 
Phosphorus (2009) 
Festivals and Awards :
Sarajevo Film Festival
Verzio Film Festival
Story Code: 3546
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