Wednesday 28 November 2018 - 18:49


50’, Russia, 2018
Director: Aleksansdra Rechkalova
Screenplay: Aleksansdra Rechkalova
Cinematography:  Aleksey venzos, Dimitri Grab,  & Aleksansdra Rechkalova
Editor: Aleksansdra Rechkalova
Producer: Masha Lyass
Distribution/sales: Masha Lyass 
Story of Gulnara, mother of 142 children, who is being sued by union officials' for child trafficking, sexual and labour exploitation. The object of the claim is the Issyk-Ata resort property, famous for its healing mineral geothermal hot springs, which was donated to Gulnara's orphanage by businessman Afanasy in the 90s, who then renounced the world to enter a convent for personal reasons.
Lena’s Dream (2005)
Festivals and Awards :  
Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival
Almaty: Clique Film Festival
Story Code: 3535
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