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Iron khan

60’, India, 2017
Iron khan
Director: Naseer Khanday
Screenplay: Naseer Khanday
Cinematography: Naseer Khanday
Editor: Naseer Khanday
Producer: Suril N. Desai
Distribution/sales: Suril N Desai for Showreal Productions
This story is a journey through 7 years of a man’s life. Having surrendered to his new vision of life, Parvez khan is a changed man, who turned his back on the armed struggle of JKLF (Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front) during the peak of militancy in the early 1990's. He decided to open a Backpackers lodge in Gulmarg, a ski village in the Indian administered Kashmir bordering Pakistan. This film traverses the conflict in the lives of a generation, a society and its people. Parvez is struggling to make ends meet under burgeoning pressure from the government. They have sealed his lodge, claiming it is illegal. Furthermore his son Dada injures himself snowboarding on the mountain adding to the pressure.
Iron khan is his first film. 
Festivals and Awards :
IDFA – Docs for sale
Story Code: 3533
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