Saturday 6 October 2018 - 16:38

Persepolis-Chicago at Cinema Verite

Orod Attarpour, with the documentary Persepolis-Chicago, is present at 12th Iran International Documentary Film Festival "Cinema Verite". This documentary depicts the fate of some of the inscriptions found in Persepolis.
Persepolis-Chicago at Cinema Verite
In 1933, during the excavations in Persepolis, done in collaboration with the University of Chicago and headed by the renowned German archaeologist, Ernst Herzfeld, thousands of clay plates with Elamite cuneiform scripts has been discovered. With the consent of both sides and in order to discover the encryption of these texts, the plates were sent to the University of Chicago and some of them got decrypted, but after more than 80 years, there are still obstacles to the return them to Iran.
Crew of this documentary include: Researcher, Screenwriter, Director and Producer: Orod Attarpour; Cinematographer and Colorist: Reza Teymouri; Sound Recordist: Ahmad Reza Taee; Photographer, Editor and Sound Editor: Saeed Khodarezaie; Narrator: Shahram Derakhshan; Digital Painting: Arian Yazdanpanah; Production Manager: Hasan Farhadi; Aerial Shooting: Omid Keshavarz; Assistant Cinematographer: Soheil Sabahi; Produced by Sima Film Center
Persepolis-Chicago has recently won the Best Documentary and Best Directing in the Independent Celebration of Iranian Documentary Cinema and the Cinema House Celebration.
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