Saturday 6 October 2018 - 15:22

In Cinema Verite’s True Color

"In Real Color" is the latest documentary by Reza Farahmand at the 12th Iran International Film Festival "Cinema Verite". The film is about four Palestinian children in Yarmouk, Syria, one of the most important Palestinian shelters.
In Cinema Verite’s True Color
Crews for "In Real Color" are: Researcher and Director: Reza Farahmand, Cinematographers: Reza Farahmand and Mehrad Amin, Sound Recorder: Hamid Ahmadi, Editors: Reza Farahmand and Fatemeh Bonyadi, Sound Mixer: Hasan Mahdavi, Composer: Christophe Rezai, Production Manager: Abu-Ali Ebrahim, Director Assistant: Salem Mohammadi, Photographer: Mehrad Amin, Producer: Morteza Shabani
In the filmography of Reza Farahmand are documentaries such as Climbing Room, The Street is My Home, Please Hoot, Forgotten Childhood, Freedom, My House is Cloudy, and Women with Gunpowder Earrings.
He has won the Best Directing in the last year’s National and International Contest of Cinema Verite and the Best Documentary for the Avini Award with his documentary, Women with Gunpowder Earrings. This film has also been featured in Iran’s Fajr Festival and the Switzerland’s Locarno Festival.
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