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Cinema Verite International Film Festival and Tabriz 2018

The Iran International Documentary film festival, Cinema Verite, in its 11th year, honors the documentary Cinema of East Azarbaijan (Tabriz).
Cinema Verite International Film Festival and Tabriz 2018
In the section "Honoring the Documentary Cinema of Eastern Azerbaijan" this festival, which is going to be held with the participation of the Cultural & Art Organization of Tabriz, 21 selected films from the works of documentary filmmakers of East Azerbaijan are going to be screened and will be honored at the closing ceremony. These filmmakers are festival's guests and have a lodge in the Charsou Cineplex, so they can meet and talk with peers and audience.
Honoring Mostafa Razaqkarimi and Saadat Ali Saeedpour
Honoring the two veterans of Tabriz documentary cinema is one of the special programs of the 11th Cinema Verite. The festival will honor Mostafa Razaqkarimi and Saadat Ali Saeedpour with the Turquoise Medal of Cinema Verite, the statue of the festival, the appreciation plate and financial award. "Memories for all Seasons" and "Captain Solomon" are the two selected films by these filmmakers for screening in this section of the festival.
21 Documentary Filmmakers from the East Azerbaijan
21 filmmakers from East Azerbaijan who are going to be honored in 11th Cinema Verite are:
Mostafa Razaqkarimi, Saadat Ali Saeedpour, Rahim Mortezavard, Mohammad Hassan Damenzan, Hossein Poursattar, Mirhossein Servatmand, Mohammad Ehsani, Vahid Hoseini-Nami, Ali Kheyrkhah, Maryam Amini Ghazi-Jahani, Masoumeh Mohammadpour, Ali Delkari, Farhoud Bahri-Karami, Ghorbanali Taherfar, Shahram Alizadeh Amniyeh, Mohammad Mahmoudi-Asl, Jounes Moqadam-Ivandi, Mohammad-Baqer Vosouqi, Mohammad Farzin-nia, Farid Mirkhani and Majid Fathi.
The Azerbaijan Documentary Cinema is going to be screened every day of the festival at 16:15 to 17:45, cinema theater 3, at Charsou Cineplex.
Tabriz 2018
Since Tabriz is introduced as the capital of the Islamic world tourism in 2018, referred to as Tabriz 2018, the Honoring of the Documentary Cinema of East Azarbaijan in Cinema Verite, which is going to be held by the prominent Iranian and international guests on the days near the new year, will be one of the first events to show and celebrate the cultural and artistic grandeur of the historic city of Tabriz.
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