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Tabatabaei-Nejad: Our Approach is to Promote Iranian Documentaries and the Presence of Our Productions in the International Film Festivals

On December 3, with the presence of Mohammad Mehdi Tabatabaei-Nejad, the managing director of the Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC) and the festival, Shannam Safajou, Director of Public Relations and a many journalists, the press conference for the 11th Iran International Documentary Film Festival, Cinema Verite, was held.
Tabatabaei-Nejad: Our Approach is to Promote Iranian Documentaries and the Presence of Our Productions in the International Film Festivals
At the beginning of the conference, Shahnam Safajou, about this major event in Iranian cinema said: "This year, for the second consecutive year, the festival is held in the Charsou Cineplex. During the festival, 227 films will be screened in two national and international sections, with 124 Iranian and 103 international films from 46 countries selected to be featured in various sections of the festivals."
Then Mohammad Mehdi Tabatabaei-Nejad continued: "The Iran's Cinema Verite begins its second decade while, with the efforts of the Iranian creative documentary filmmakers, has succeeded in experiencing a magnificent decade. In the words of its filmmakers, this festival has managed to become a turning point, and our prominent artists of the field with their brilliant background have helped to grow." Pointing to the history of documentary cinema, he stated: "Documentary cinema benefited from a good start in Iran, and it has gone through many highs and lows, but with the foundation of the Cinema Verite Film Festival, a new era in the Iranian documentary cinema has begun – a festival with such high quality that would be noted."
The managing director of DEFC, emphasized that, just like the previous festivals, this year too there was an effort to bring the best Iranian and international films to screen for the audience. "We have always tried to define documentary cinema for the public and will continue to hold the festival with the same approach. According to the statistics, over these years, we have succeeded to bring the documentary enthusiasts to the cinema, so much that last year, 35% of our audiences were non-professional audience of the documentary cinema." He added: "With a comprehensive plan we announced this year by Iranian Organization of Cinema and it emphasizing the goal to increase coproduction in order to enter the international film markets, a new special horizon is set for our documentary. We, in Cinema Verite, has also tried to focus on these two issues, which is why the international section was of special focus to us. Our team in international section has started their work many months ago, 4100 films have been reviewed and eventually 25 of them managed to enter the competition section. There will also be 78 documentaries in other international sections."
Stating that more than 700 Iranian documentaries has come to the secretariat of the Film Festival, Tabatabaei-Nejad added: "The selection board chose 80 films for the National Contest, including 42 feature films and 38 short documentaries. This year's 60 foreign guests, mostly of influential figures in the world of documentary cinema, will come to the festival as jury members, documentary filmmakers, festival directors and global networks, buyer and distributors." He added: "As before, the film market will be held in different sections. The distributors of documentary films, prestigious TV networks and representatives of international festivals will be present at the market, and there will also be meetings we hope to be useful to our filmmakers, since there are about 14 distributors of the field in the festival this year."
Tabatabaie-Nejad introduced the new "Danish Docs", a section in the 11th Cinema Verite dedicated to the Danish documentary cinema, and stated: "We have films from the best film festivals of the world, such as the French Cinema Du Reel and American Jacksonville Film Festival, as well as the most prominent feature films in the world." He continued: "Workshops are going to be held like every year. Coproduction and Funding, Visual Effects in Documentary Cinema, Can thought be converted to the Visual, International Standardization in the Documentary, The Truth of the Moment, Wildlife Documentary, A Creative Coproduction and Feature Documentary are workshops of this year's festival. There number of people registered to attend the workshops of the 11th Cinema Verite was so significant that we were forced to select, choosing those who were more active and had a more fruitful resume." About this year's guests, the managing director of the festival said: "Gianfranco Rossi is one of our guests who is a board member of the jury for feature films section, as well as hosting a workshop called The Truth of the Moment."
Stating that 25 percent of the screenings in Iran is dedicated to the documentary cinema, he said: "Today among the Iranian producers, attention to the atmosphere of cinema has become critical. Maybe in recent past, the approach was to make documentaries for TV, but today these films are being produced to be screened in cinema theatres. That's why it was necessary for us to consider the requirements of cinematic productions at our workshops."
At the end of this press conference, Shahnam Safajou said: "The documentaries submitted to the National Competition and a selection of international documentaries has been sent to the critics before the festival and their reviews will be posted in our website during the festival." He reminded that this year Critics' or Q & A Conferences are moved to the 6th floor of Charsou Cineplex, in order to allow filmmakers to meet with more journalists and audience.
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