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The twelve-year-old story of an old lady narrated by Vatandoust's Camera

Lotus, directed by Mohammad Reza Vatandoust, is selected for the National Competition and the Shahid Avini Award Competetion of the 11th Iran International Documentary Film Festivalm Cinema Verite. The movie is about an old woman who has been waiting for a permit to enter an island for 12 years, to visit her only resident.
The twelve-year-old story of an old lady narrated by Vatandoust
Mohammad Reza Vatandoust, who last year was in Cinema Verite with the documentary "Nana" attended the 10th Film Festival of the Truth, was nominated for awards and won the special jury award. This year, with "Lotus", has is in two sections of the National Competition and the Shahid Avini Award of the festival.
About his latest documentary, he explained: "In the beginning of the film, we see an old woman living alone in wild, and from those very first moments, the old woman starts to speak her thoughts. She talks about the person she is going to visit..."
This experimental filmmaker continued: "The whole movie is from a morning to the next, in which we go through the autumn to winter and then to the spring."
About the differences between his two films, "Lotus" and the experimental documentary "Nana", Vatandoust said: "Nana was a unique experience, which took six years to make, the entire film a reflection in water with unique sound editing and music, but the theme of Lotus didn't allow us such structure. However, in terms of composition and atmosphere, we tried to capture beautiful pictures from the nature, but the final plan aside, which had a particular complexity (the camera had to go through two rooms, out of small doors and to the sky), there was no special creative in its visual form."
By emphasizing on the creative narrative structure of the "Lotus", the filmmaker continued: "We used a new narrative form in this film. Despite the usual form in which the character is and his problem are presented in the film, we started it with a suspension which lasted until the end. In fact, our character was dramatized in this documentary; a subject that is still a problem in Iranian cinema, since many filmmakers and people in film industry have a bad reaction to it, while in the world this is not the case and in many of the documentaries we see dramatization of character and suspension of narrative."
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