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From ISIS Wives to A Female War Commander

Reza Farahmand participates in the National Competition, Shahid Avini Section of the 11th Iran International Film Festival "Cinema Verite", with his latest documentary "Women with Gunpowder Earrings", a film on women in Iraq war.
From ISIS Wives to A Female War Commander
In an interview with the Public Relations of Cinema Veritem he said: "Women with Gunpowder Earrings is to narrate and know women who are we see in Iraq war with ISIS." He emphasized that in this documentary. we face different and different women in Iraq and continued: "The story of these women begins with an Iraqi journalist woman, followed by wives of ISIS members, a female military commander battling against ISIL and the Izadi women in Kojo."
About the goal he was trying to reach by making this documentary, he said: "One of the most important goals of this project was the immediate and credible examination of women involved in the war with ISIS, but most importantly, knowing some of the faces of women in the war in Iraq, which we've never encountered before; the wives of ISIS members in Iraq." In explaining the production process of this documentary, Farahmand said: "Considering the goals mentioned, the pre-production of this project took about one, and the production took about two months. Eventually, we were forced to wrap up by a mortar blasting and two members of the group getting wounded." He added: "Because of the injuries due to the explosion of the mortar, our translator went through several surgical operations. The sound recordist was also hurt by the explosion and was discharged from hospital after ten days. Two others crew members were wounded, and an Iraqi cameraman and nine soldiers got killed."
"Women with Gunpowder Earrings" is about "Noor, a war journalist, and fights back with all the social pressures and hazards to be there, in fight ISIS, shoulder to shoulder with soldiers, to report it. When she comes to a displaced ISIS family, it encourages her to follow the femininity and life among the women of the enemy front. She goes to the ISIS widows' and children's refugee camp to portray their hidden narratives and buried emotions, but the war continues to call her on. Before returning to the battle front, she meets Izadi women who escaped from ISIS, victims of the war and violence who lost all they've got: their very being. But Noor's story of war doesn't end here, because she meets a female commander..."
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