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The First Documentary on Plasco Fire at Cinema Verite

Mohammad Hassan Ferdousizadeh is the director of "Fireworks Thursday", screening the first documentary on the Plasco building fire in Tehran at the 11th Iran International Documentary Film Festival, Cinema Verite.
The First Documentary on Plasco Fire at Cinema Verite
About his latest film, he said: "Fireworks Thursday" is about Plasco disaster, which happened on a Thursday in late January last year. In this film, the events of that day is narrated by the firefighters."
According to the bitter theme of the documentary, Ferdousizadeh said: "Documenting the sad event of the world, is tempting for a filmmaker and interesting for audience. The Plasco disaster seemed interesting to me because of the depth of the disaster, involvement of the firefighters and the fact that there was not such a disaster in Iran before. Along with the charm of it, I definitely felt an obligation to narrate the story."
He added: "Fireworks Thursday is only about Plasco, but we made the closing part to emphasize the fact that our urban buildings do not benefit from the necessary safety standards and equipment. Making a film about the Plasco was not just filmmaking about a fire for us. The goal of this film is to make us see our neglecting. We all witnessed how our firefighters and special forces were lost."
He continued: "Iran Cinema Verite is one of the most prestigious film festivals to show documentaries. My personal motivation as a director was to screen "Fireworks Thursday", so we remember the Plasco disaster pay attention to such dangers. Naturally, attending such festivals and being judged by your peers and also the new generation is a great experience."
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