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Fathollah Amiri: Iranian Cheetah is in the Whirlpool of Extinction

Fathollah Amiri, the Iranian wildlife filmmaker, participates in the 11th Iran International Film Festival "In the Whirlpool of Extinction" and "The Ranger and the Panther". "In the Whirlpool of Extinction" is his latest documentary on wildlife, which will be screened at the National Competition in its first public show, and "The Ranger and the Panther" comes to Cinema Verite after its success at the American Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.
Fathollah Amiri: Iranian Cheetah is in the Whirlpool of Extinction
"We spent three years in making In the Extinction Whirlpool and carried out extensive research for it," said the filmmaker about the production of this documentary. "It's 72 minutes long and is face paced."
He stated that "In the Extinction Whirlpool" is in the same course as of his previous documentary, "Tanhavash". "In "Tanhavash" we examined the life of the Asian Cheetah in the Kavir National Park, the largest national park of Iran, and we found out that there is only one male cheetah in this park. After that, we were concerned how many cheetahs are left in the rest of country's habitants. Meraj Airline became our producer, and we tackled the project with the help of experts who worked in each area for years."
Amiri continued: "The members of Iranian Cheetah Society, which had worked on Yazd Province for 7 years, said that there are only 4 males in the province, and no female have been registered for five years. We bought 20 cameras and placed them in different areas. After one year, we saw only that 4 males. For other areas such as Turan, we sought help from the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation and, we interviewed with all the directors in this field.
According to Fathollah Amiri, this documentary is three years of cheetah status in Iran, and by watching it you see how critical it is. The film does not provide any solution and only narrates the problems and obstacles.
"Our documentary has four main characters," He pointed out. "A mother named Mana in North Khorasan; two cheetahs named Kushki and Delbar, which are the only captive Asian cheetahs; two brothers Who are looking for a female cheetah and managed only to outline the territory in four years only; and a family in Turan National Park called "Turandokht", a mother and four cubs, which die one by one.
"The Ranger and the Panther" is another documentary by Fathollah Amirim on the efforts of Mohammad the Ranger Reza Halvani. Though it is 40 years since the panther has been extincted in his area, he receives suspicious reports about the presence of this animal, which makes him curious and he seeks to record it. Nima Asgari is the co-director of this documentary. "The Ranger and the Panther" has recently won the "Human and Nature" award of Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, US.
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