Sunday 3 December 2017 - 20:37

The Best Movie of the Locarno Film Festival is in "Cinema Verite"

The Latest movie by the Chinese filmmaker Wang Bing, "Mrs Fang", is going to be featured in the Special Screenings of the 11th Iran International Documentary Film Festival, "Cinema Verite".
The Best Movie of the Locarno Film Festival is in "Cinema Verite"
At the 7th Locarno Film Festival, which was held in Switzerland in August, "Mrs Fang", the joint production of China (Hong Kong) and France directed by Wang Bing, was the first documentary film ever to win Golden Leopard award. This 85-minute documentary is about: "Fang Xiuying, who Surrounded by the careless family and neighbors, is deprived of all intellectual abilities and she slowly dies in a modest room, in some of the villages of South China."
Wang Bing, who is best known for documentaries such as "Three Sisters" (2012), "Man with No Name" (2010) and "Bitter Money" (2016), has an observing, direct and cinema verite style, and narrates the story visually with the slightest interference. His films have been featured at many international festivals such as the Venice Film Festival.
ARTE, the famous French German TV channel, has produced "Mrs Fang". This documentary will be screened in the non-competitive "Special Screenings" at the Iran International Film Festival.
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