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Those from the shore

22 Nov 2017 - 21:02

84, France/ Armenia/ Lebanon/ Qatar, 2017

Director: Tamara Stepanyan
Screenplay: Jean-Christophe Ferrari and Tamara Stepanyan
Cinematographer: Tammam Hamza, Tamara Stepanyan
Editor: Olivier Ferrari
Producer:  Nathalie Combe for Cosmographe Productions
 Distribution/Sales:   Cosmographe Productions ,nathalie.cosmographe@gmail.com
Marseille, 2014. Dozens of Armenian asylum seekers trying to survive while waiting for their application to be considered. All fled Armenia because, for one reason or another, they would incur a risk of imprisonment or death. Forced stillness, impotence, they live in an in-between: between two countries, between two lives. In a time and abstract space, made of nothing, where their life escapes them completely.
Little Stones -2010
 February 19- 2011
Embers -2012
Festivals and Awards:
Golden Apricot Film Festival

Story Code: 2758

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