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Long Story Short

45', USA, 2016
Long Story Short
Director: Natalie Bookchin
Screenplay: Natalie Bookchin
Cinematographer:  Michael Kowalski
Editor: Natalie Bookchin
Producer:  Natalie Bookchin
Distribution/Sales: Icarus Films, mail@icarusfilms.com
In Long Story Short,over 100 people at homeless shelters, food banks, adult literacy
programs, and job training centers in Los Angeles and the Bay Area in Northern
California discuss their experiences of poverty –why they are poor, how it feels, and what they think should be done. Numerous interviews are stitched together to form a
polyphonic account of poverty in California told from the inside

2016 ,Long Story Short
2012, Now he’s out in public and everyone can see
2009 Mass Ornament
2008 Parking Lot
2008 trip
2007 Zorns Lemma2
Festivals and Awards:
Cinema Du Reel,Grand Prize Winner
Athens International Film and Video Festival
Union Docs, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Human Rights Film Festival 2016, Zagreb&Rijeka
Story Code: 2740
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