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What happened in the first day at the film market?

In the first day of Cinema Verite film market and as the list of the guests ha completed, three sittings were held to introduce Iranian films to international festivals representatives.
What happened in the first day at the film market?
In the first sitting, , Nicholas Kildgard Angstrom, the planner in the Copenhagen Documentary Festival  (Denmark) Elma Tataragic from the Bosnia Herzegovina Film Festival, Jiovna Nazaro from,the director of Critics Week in Venice Film Festival (Italy) and the representative of Vsion du Reél, Dorail (Switzerland) talked with filmmakers.
After that, Daniel Kim, the chief executive of Busan film market (Korea) and Radovan Sibert, producer and broadcaster (Czech Republic) discussed ways of getting founds, finding producers and entering festivals.
Radovan Sibert talked about examples of successfully Iranian filmmakers and said: "Mohammad Reza Farzad is one of the filmmakers who managed to find a producer just by describing his ideas."
With showing your film in important festivals, and not in all of them, you can introduce your work and find fund for next ones."
Also, Daniel Kim went through Pusan Film Festival form and said: “last year in our festival, that is just for to Asian films, we introduced Abas Kiarostami was and along with 10 movies by him, we showed10 movies by other Iranian filmmakers. He pointed out workshops alongside the festival and said: “In this workshops, you can find very good information on subjects like as point of view and techniques, as well as space for discussion with guests and investors.”
These meetings will continue until Friday, with other international guests.
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