Monday 12 December 2016 - 10:21

Manouchehr Tayaab Cut the cake for Cinema Verite 10th Year

Mohammad Mehdi Tabatabainejad, Cinema Verite secretary; Farid Farkhonde Kish, managing direstor of Iran Young Cinema Society; Manouchehr Tayaab, a veteran in Iranian documentary cinema and Shahnam Safajou, festival executive secretary attended the ceremony.
Manouchehr Tayaab Cut the cake for Cinema Verite 10th Year
At the beginning of the ceremony the festival director said: “Each year, the opening ceremony for festival is not in a common way, and so, this year the festival started in a friendly gathering.”
Manouchehr Tayaab told some of his memories about entering the documentary cinema and said: “I have to go back 50 years. The day we were only four, and we went abroad to study and Cinema. We've come a long rocky way, from the days when there was no documentary cinema.” He continued: “There was only a center for making educational films and that's why it’s like a dream for me to stand here today. Documentaries have opened a path for us to introduce intellectuals to the society. Because of it we hold our heads high in the international stages. I was a jury member in several festivals and there, when they were showing Iranian documentaries, movie theaters were always full, because the audience were curious about our country and rightfully, think of it as a country with thousands years of culture.”
Tayaab said: “In documentary cinema, we show ourselves naked and we should go closer to reality and our young people went through a lot of trouble for this. I hope there would be more activities in this field and the government pays more attention to it, so that there will be more documentary in various parts of Iran.”
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