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Mohsen Ostadali: The goal in making "Femininity" was not only filmmaking

Mohsen Ostadali is in the national competition section of this year with Femininity, the tenth International. About the way this movie was made, he said: "The goal in making this movie was not only filmmaking; I was thinking how to make, even a small change in the life of people in this story.
Mohsen Ostadali: The goal in making "Femininity" was not only filmmaking
Pointing out the difficulties of gaining permission for filming this people and how time-consuming this was, he said: “During 14 months, a lot of research was done and I was able to get closer to the characters in the film. Shooting took 20 sessions and, as in my past works, there was no finished script. I always go for the events that are happening and tell the story by the general plan I have in mind. Again in this film, I knew generalities and details happened during shooting. It was clear who my characters are and during shooting no new character came in.
Asked why many documentary filmmakers focus on social issues, Ostadali said: “It comes from the general atmosphere of society and its influenced on our daily lives. Of course, is the story of a character is not important for me, I will not go for making a movie about it. I believe if the gap between me and the subject is not removed, it will remain so for the audience. Femininity was formed gradually and when my presence in the locations was normalized, my concerns took shape.
He thinks: “in the area of ​​social issues, there are so many topics that filmmakers might express them in different views. He believes there are more social issues in urban areas, so there are more filmmakers working on them.”
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