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The message from "Mohammad Mehdi Tabatabayinejad", secretary of the International Film Festival for 10th Cinema Verite is as follows:

12 Dec 2016 - 10:04

Iranian documentary cinema has tried to be a clear mirror for the culture, history and art of this country and for this, has passed the rocky road of past years. Today, Iran’s documentary prestige deserve admiration and respect. Its proof is its multiple successes and valuable prizes it has received in recent years. Increased interest among audience and their appeal to documentary Cinema in a national levels, is also exciting.

Cinema Verite international festival, from its very early years, with chanting "documentary for all", tried to lead documentaries from a limited space to a wide realm. Fortunately, on the eve of its second decade, thanks to the creativity of documentary filmmakers and public awareness, this goal has been achieved noticeably.
My thanks and appreciation goes to the noble family of Iranian documentary cinema. I wish for your happiness and honor.

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