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Jury members of the international competition, in 10th Cinema Verite were announced

Judges from Italy, Greece, Bosnia, Taiwan and Iran Judge 27 foreign films of the international competition. They are: +60 documentaries:
Jury members of the international competition, in 10th Cinema Verite were announced
Ahmed Zabeti Jahrmi: Researcher, documentarian and professor in Iran Broadcasting University.
Dimitris Kerkinos (Greece): PhD in cinema with the focus on "Cinema and Society" from United States and head manager of Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, Greece. Kerkinos has written numerous articles about cinema and anthropology.
Elma Tataragic (Bosnia and Herzegovina): PhD in screenwriting and film history from the University of Sarajevo with a focus on "Film and Literature". She is one of the founders of Sarajevo Film Festival, which was held for the first time in 1995. She, along with the DEFC, was a co-producer of a cinematic project, "snow", which won the Critics Week section of the Cannes Film Festival in 2008.
30-60 and -30 Documentaries:
Mostafa Razaq-Karimi: Iranian writer, director and documentary filmmaker, who with "Memories of All Seasons" won many awards from various festivals.
Wood Lin (Taiwan): Video and Audio graduate from Taiwan University, documentary film critic and director of International Documentary Film Festival of Taiwan.
Stefano Tealdi (Italy): He graduated in architecture and works in film production in Italian television. Tealdi also is a documentary producer and has established the first studio for producing documentaries in Turin. He is one of administrators of documentary channel of Europe and has held 17 workshops have on documentaris on Europe.
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