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10th Cinema Verite Quarterly Released

10th Cinema Verite Quarterly was released. In this issue you see:
10th Cinema Verite Quarterly Released
Events and Reports
Iranian documentary cinema in the international arena - spring and summer 2016
Special report of 4th International Film Festival of Women of Afghanistan
Profession Documentarian: Gianfranco Rosi
Review of the life and works of Rosi
An interview with Gianfranco Rosi about Fire in the sea
Interview with Gianfranco Rosi Frank Ombres
Review: Sacro GRA / Tonia Caterina Riviello
A look at Fire in the Sea / Deborah Young
Selected filmography and awards of Gianfranco Rosi
Hollywood filmmakers talk about death threat and staged reality
Wojciech Staroń talks about his last project, Brothers
Isabel Pagliai talks about her documentary, Isabella Morra
The Look
Review of The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger / Boyd van Hoeij
A look at The Day the Sun Fell / Giorgia Del Don
Review of The Last 66 Days of Bobby Sands / Dennis Harvey
A look at Ricky on Leacock / Robert Carney
A look at Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World / Saeed Khamoush
Review of Stop the Pounding Heart / Jay Kuner
Common components in 4 Werner Herzog Movies/ Roozbeh Kamali
* Document Description: Tower
Keith Maitlandtalks about Tower
Tower: A time when massacres were still shocking / Saeed Khamoush
A look at Tower / Eric Kahn
* Archive
Using archive footage in documentary filmmaking./ Wilma de Jong
The narratives of qualitative and quantitative changes of Bakhtiari nomads / Abbas Baharloo
* Appemdix: Welcoming 10th Cinema Verite
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