Tuesday 1 November 2016 - 11:04

The Modern Jungle

72’, Mexico, US 2016
The Modern Jungle
Director: Charles Fairbanks, Saul Kak 
Screenplay: Charles Fairbanks, Saul Kak 
Cinematographer: Charles Fairbanks
Editor: Charles Fairbanks
Producer :Charles Fairbanks,Saul Kak
 Distribution/Sales: Taskovski Films, acquisitions@taskovskifilms.com
 The filmmaker films t​wo “elders” in a rural village in Chiapas: Carmen lives cheaply, but in peace, on the plot that her husband paid for with his life fighting for a landless farmers’ movement. Juan, although a shaman, suffers from a hernia that his incantations cannot treat, and falls under the spell of charlatans who sell him nutritional supplements as medicine. This is ‘the modern jungle’ that appears before our unbelieving eyes.
Charles Fairbanks
The Men,2010
Wrestling with my Father,2010
 Flexing Muscles,2012
 The Modern Jungle ,2016
Festivals and Awards:
Visions du Reel,
 Guanajuato International Film Festival
Story Code: 1829
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